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What Are Industrial Cleaning Services?

Industrial facilities are often fast-paced, high-risk areas where the cleaning team must perform its maintenance duties without interrupting daily operations. Industrial cleaning goes a step further than regular office cleaning service in Toronto, often using specialised equipment and cleaning solutions to get the job done. What is Industrial Cleaning? The services offered by industrial cleaning [...]

Office Cleanliness is Related to Employee Productivity. The Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist:

When it comes to money, a bank's offices form an entire economy around its clients' investments and finances. For this reason, cleanliness is the name of the game for any bank office in Toronto. How can customers trust a bank to keep their money safe if the bank cannot even keep its office clean? Offices [...]

6 Advantages of Contracting to a Professional Cleaning Company

6 Advantages of Contracting Commercial & Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services to a Professional Cleaning Company You understand the value of maintaining a tidy, safe workplace since you operate a business. Commercial cleaning, office cleaning and janitorial services are a must now – especially in busy cities like Toronto. However, keeping up with all that [...]

School Classroom Cleaning Checklist

A classroom is a place of learning and growing. It’s also a place where germs quickly spread. That’s why it's important to keep these spaces clean and healthy for children, so they can get the best possible learning experience. Classroom cleaning should be divided into daily and weekly tasks so that all areas of your [...]

Tips for Cleaning Your Workplace Bathroom

It doesn’t matter if your washroom is for customers or employees, it’s important to provide a clean and sanitary workplace bathroom for everyone to use. Business owners should make this a top priority because an unkempt and unsightly bathroom could be costly to your business or deplete morale amongst your valuable workers. The commercial cleaning [...]

Residential vs. Commercial Cleaning

Commercial versus residential cleaning - yes, there is a difference between the two. Just like how commercial ovens and other commercial appliances can handle bigger jobs than the appliances we find inside our homes, a commercial cleaning service is more expansive than the services offered in a residential setting. Fortunately for you, if you’re deciding [...]

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

A properly cleaned restaurant is important for success in an exceedingly competitive industry. There are also health regulations that need to be met in order to legally operate. The following clean kitchen checklist will walk you through daily, weekly, and monthly tasks you can do to keep your kitchen in tip top shape. Another option [...]

The Best Office Cleaning Checklist

Office managers know that keeping the space clean, tidy and organized is essential for productivity and success. It’s also about providing a safe and clean environment for your workers so they stay happy and healthy.  That’s why it’s essential to schedule regular cleaning of your office. So whether you employ your cleaning staff or you [...]

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