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Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

Star Team Cleaning provides an excellent commercial cleaning franchise opportunity to become your own boss wit our ongoing support and guideline. Our proven franchise systems will help and prepare a unit franchisee through step by step to be successful commercial cleaning franchisee.

What are the Benefits for becoming a Star Team Cleaning Unit Franchisee?

  • You are the Boss-You own business without any risk-a recession proof franchise system.
  • Financial Freedom-You make decision how much money you want to make a month.
  • Guaranteed Franchisee Business income from $3000 to $25000/month.
  • Flexible Plan to Start-Up-Investment Options according to your needs.
  • No Selling Needed-We provide all your Customer
  • Best Step-by-Step Training-in Class and Hand ON Training- We make sure you learn every aspect of cleaning concepts and Skills to be successful in your Franchisee Business.
  • Learn all Cleaning Tools/Equipment-We provide access to all cleaning tools/equipment and teach/prepare you to give best service to your customers.
  • Limitless Growth as you wish– when you are ready to grow, we are ready to provide more.
  • Maintain the Cleaning Quality– we provide on-going support and guidance for you to be successful in your Franchise Business.
  • Proven Star Team Cleaning Franchise System.
  • Win-Win Franchise System.

call us today to learn more about our recession proof franchise system.

Industry Leading Cleaning Franchise

Be the Boss

Star Team Cleaning offers a unique opportunity to own your cleaning business and to be your own boss. You can start your new and rewarding business journey with a plan that fits your current needs and grow gradually as you wish or choose a plan at management levels if you have a good experience and skill.  Regardless of which plan you choose; you will have to complete our state-of-the-art classroom and hands on training to be successful in this industry.  With our on-going training, support and guideline you will be able to not only meet but exceed our customers expectations that our collective GOAL. As a Star Team Cleaning franchisee you will enjoy benefits such as an established commercial cleaning business brand name that will help you secure potential cleaning clients when you start early on.

Free On-Going Training and Support

Star Team Cleaning is the one of the fastest growing franchise in Ontario.  We constantly looking way to improve our service to our valued customer and implementing new technology and equipment to clean better and efficient way.  At Star Team Cleaning, TRAINING is extremely important, regardless of new Franchisee owner has no experience or years of experience, MUST be trained in our 100% proven system that’s why we have many very satisfied and loyal customers.

Free Cleaning Concept Training

This Cleaning Concept Training will focus on every aspect of Commercial Cleaning and you will be giving instructional manual as well. The training will cover management, equipment/tools, chemical usage, regular cleaning, periodic cleaning, customer relation, safety and security, confidentiality, problem solving technique, day-to-day activities and many more.   After the training you will have a solid understanding of how to successfully run your commercial cleaning business and ready to start your first contract.  Our training timing very flexible to accommodate your schedule.

Free Hands-On-Training

After you successfully finishing your cleaning concept training in a classroom, you will be training by our Quality Control Supervisors/Operation Managers at the customer’s location.  The step-by-step-hands-on-training will teach you every aspect of the commercial cleaning including: basic safety and security of the building, alarm system and lock-out procedure, how to use cleaning equipment/tool, how to use chemical safely, how to start your cleaning, cleaning application steps, most importantly how to clean efficiently and effectively.

Free Continuously Training

One of the reasons why Star Team Cleaning very successful because we continuously train our franchise owner to make sure they have the latest technology, technique and information to be a one step a head of the other cleaning companies. That’s why we always look for the latest equipment and chemical to continuously improve our operation to be more efficient and cost-effective.  Our on-going training also available for specialized project such as stripping & waxing, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, tile cleaning, foam cleaning, dealing with different floor types and more.  When you need any help, we will be there to assist to make sure you understand and do the right thing at the first place.  That’s the reason our franchise owners are very successful in their commercial cleaning business.

Be the Owner of Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Call Star Team Cleaning at 647-772-4486 to learn more about our proven Commercial Cleaning Franchise system to become a Cleaning Franchise owner that gives you the opportunity to be a successful Business owner. We are here to help you achieve your financial goal by providing limitless growth on your commercial cleaning business. We are ready, when you are!

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