SERVICE Guarantee

We are extremely confident that in our Commercial Cleaning Services so we 100% Guarantee all our work.

What we Guarantee:

  • Complete all cleaning schedules on time.
  • Outstanding customer services, thorough and immediate response to customers’ needs and issues, and promptly resolve services issues within 24hrs and follow-up to all situations.
  • Dedicated/Stable cleaning crews, who know your facility, for a consistent cleaning.
  • Unscheduled onsite inspection to track, report and rectify any specific issues on time.
  • Trained crew to get the cleaning task done right every time.
  • Effective and efficient cleaning technology.100% Satisfaction Guarantee Cleaning-Commercial office Cleaning-100% Satisfaction
  • Detailed thorough cleaning for a healthier work place.
  • All our team members are polite, honest and presentable, uniformed with photo ID.
  • You can focus on your job and not the cleaning services responsibilities. We achieve this through proper scheduling, check lists, quality inspections and ongoing team member supervision.
  • Quality inherent in all our operational process. Star Team Cleaning quality assurance policy is applied at all staff, procedures and material/equipment used in our cleaning services. This quality policy is structured to not only raise the cleaning standard but to consistently maintain these standards throughout the agreement.
  • We create a customized cleaning schedule to clean your building with the utmost efficiency.  These customized programs address your specific needs, cleaning challenges and cleaning priorities.  
  • We are expert and knowledgeable about cleaning, cleaning products and equipment to professionally maintain your facility.
  • We meet and exceed our customers’ expectation by constantly evolving our operational process, technique, technology and ability to deliver improved services in line with our customer demands and expectations. We’re also consistently looking at ways to improve our operational performance to bring cost saving to our customers.
  • We motivate, encourage and engage with our staff through internal process and on-going training programs to unsure we retain the best people. This directly reflects on our professionalism our customers experience from our operatives and their work.
  • Our team members are trained on securing your building keys and security codes. Keys and security codes are only accessible to employees and management assigned to your building.
  • Confidentiality in regarding your business info. We will not share info about your business, read documents, disrupt paperwork or access computers. 

Star Team Cleaning Guarantee comes from on going training, technique, technology, equipment and trackable cleaning process with the always to be better than the best mind set. This is the Star Team Cleaning way to make different than the other commercial cleaning company.


We offer Custom Cleaning schedules daily, weekly or frequent Commercial Office Cleaning Services.

Starting from $175 per Month.

Why Choose Star Team Cleaning?

  • Dedicated cleaners to provide consistent high quality services.
  • All employees are Thoroughly Background Checked, Wsib & Insured.
  • 100% Guarantee Quality
  • Dedication to Quality Clean
  • Industry Leading Cleaning Technique & Technology
  • Outstanding Customer Service

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