How Technology Transformed the Commercial Cleaning Industry

Nowadays, there is a rapid development of technology in every field. It is no different in the cleaning industry. Commercial cleaning services are getting better by the day, thanks to the efficient cleaners here who are jumping on the trends as fast as they can. Most importantly, the post-pandemic cleaning world is drastically different from the previous world. Everyone involved wants to be sure of the safety and hygiene of our premises, and cleaning is no longer a superficial affair as it used to be.

If you are a cleaning company like us at Star Team Cleaning, it’s important to keep this in mind in order to outperform your competitors and keep your business going in the future!

Innovative technology has changed everything. If we look around the internet, you have probably seen the recent trend of cleaning robots. These fantastic machines get rid of your dirt without you even having to move a foot. But technology has also changed the world of commercial cleaning services in offices, industrial and medical settings. Read on to learn how office cleaning services are benefiting from robotics and other new, modern technologies to provide clean and tidy spaces for their customers.

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The Relationship Between Technology and Cleaning

Technology, such as cleaning robots, has become a focus for companies worldwide. Whether they are investing in drone deliveries or inventing electrostatic sprayers for commercial cleaning services. The application of new technologies in the commercial cleaning world is critical to improving the cleanliness of spaces. And to optimize productivity, cleaning companies adapted when the world was hit by a pandemic. Researchers are always on the lookout for new professional cleaning services.

These cleaning robots can process and collect information with digital functions. For example, with AI software. Customer data can be used for future customer experiences. And to provide better service to customers.

But let us take a closer look at how technology is impacting commercial cleaning services.

Digital tools are more efficient and create less noise than other cleaning methods. However, technology has transformed cleaning services through reporting software.

  • Improved Sanitization

Cleaning business premises and offices is one of the most important tasks in running a business. As more and more people become aware of health issues, you need to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned.

With technology, you can improve disinfection methods with software. It finds and eliminates substances instantly. You can also use manual equipment that works with electricity to achieve better cleaning results, such as pressure washers.

  • Touch-Free Soap Dispensers

Touchless soap and towel dispensers are very popular in businesses. Even though these devices are small, they only work with the help of technology

And without them, the risk of illness would be greater. So if you have these devices in the workplace, make sure the environment is clean for everyone.

The good news is that you do not have to worry about all the cleaning tasks alone. Instead of searching for “cleaning services near me,” choose the “Star team” and get quality service tailored to your company’s needs.

  • Cleaning robots in action

When it comes to things as simple as vacuuming, sweeping or even commercial carpet cleaning, professionals are now using robotic devices to achieve reliable results. They have pre-programmed cleaning patterns and other standard protocols to follow the same routine that has been proven to produce impeccable results.

This is now commonplace in Canada, and in the future we will likely have different types of robots on the market for different purposes. You may have to come to terms with this and prepare for all the changes that are coming your way!

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  • Creates Application Reports

If you run a commercial cleaning business in your area, you need to find ways to collect incident reports. You want to catch errors early if you want your business to run smoothly. Before technology did not exist, you had to manually check each piece of equipment. Now, an application can alert you when there’s a problem with a machine or when you need to take care of something. This modern technology is also useful for monitoring employees in a cleaning company. Such an additional element is great for managing employees. This leads to better customer service, especially when customers get the best modern service they paid for.

  • Booking Made Easier

The new technology also has benefits for customers. They no longer have to spend hours Googling and wasting their time with companies that are not reliable

Once they find a trusted service, they can book online. This ensures that a cleaning schedule is planned in advance. Reliability makes customers happy and keeps your business on track. In the past, customers had to call and request a quote from a cleaning company over the phone. This was very time-consuming and could be frustrating if the expected estimate did not materialise. Today, great companies can simply enter their requirements online and a website can automatically send them an estimate, which is very straightforward.

  • More Trust with Customers

The advantages of modern technology in cleaning are of great importance for companies. But there’s also the benefit of cleaning trust with your customers and employees. Online tools and digitization allow people to evaluate cleaning services. They also give people the assurance that systems have been checked and inspected. For safety reasons, the technology has been made more reliable and reliable to clean.

When someone knows that their equipment is being inspected and monitored for problems, there is no risk of them coming to harm during the cleaning process.

Some technologies even allow customers to rate and review the equipment. This allows future customers to voice their opinions. And they can be part of the technological cleaning revolution.

Reporting, invoicing, agreements and payments. All processes, from initial contact to final agreement, are now handled digitally, greatly simplifying the process. In addition, the transparency of the processes is maintained. For example, when the star team cleaners are on duty, you receive the strategy and checklist for your unit. You can view these at any time to stay up to date on all processes.

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What Is the Future of Technology and Cleaning?

As the world moves more and more towards digitalization and technological devices, it is important that cleaning is part of this change.

The future services of commercial cleaning are as follows:

  • More autonomous robots to assist with cleaning tasks
  • Ultraviolet cleaning equipment to better detect bacteria
  • AI systems for quality control

And that’s just the beginning. It’s an exciting new world of possibilities for professional cleaners to explore as they go about their work.

Using technology to improve cleaning services offers several benefits you should consider when hiring a company. For example, you have better control over company management. And, as mentioned earlier, the devices can track employee work hours. But customers can also use them to book consultations and get estimates online. But management apps are also great for recording and planning future cleaning projects.

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Application of the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is on the rise in the industry and will be the future of commercial cleaning in no time. IoT simply means the unification of data by transmitting it across multiple interconnected networks to make every day-to-day activity easily functional and accessible.

In the future, professional cleaning companies will need to equip themselves with these technologies that they can integrate into their clients’ premises. For example, they can install these IoT devices in a restroom and turn on timely cleaning reminders and schedule cleanings on the fly. You can program them so that individual cubicles can only be used by 10 people at a time before the next cleaning. This way, you can avoid a lot of redundancy and maximize the efficiency of your cleaning routine. Your janitors can simply clean the most used cubicles first and the others accordingly.

The world around you is constantly changing and in the cleaning industry, it will also come down to the evolution of the fittest. If you are a business owner, you should outsource your needs to a professional who is the best at what they do and will grow with you.

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Pick a Cleaning Service Optimized With Technology

There is no shortage of commercial cleaning services. But not all of them have excellent ratings and a team of employees like us.

Our star team takes care of everything from disinfecting surfaces to cleaning churches. That’s why we can provide cleaning services for you too.

We strive to use the most advanced and environmentally friendly cleaning technologies to maintain standards at each facility. To learn more about our Star Team commercial cleaning services, request a quote here.

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