Office Trailer Clean in Burlington

Your business is a great investment. It also represents you as a person. Keeping your office and commercial space clean and in order is a necessity, both in terms of health and safety and productivity.

Star Team Cleaning Service can clean your office space to keep it from daily wear and tear.
Your office trailer is an important part of your business. And since it’s usually on a job site, it often gets very dirty. Star Team Cleaning Services specializes in office trailer and construction trailer cleaning.
Our office trailer cleaning services are tailored to your needs, schedules and deadlines. We create a cleaning program that is flexible and can be adjusted according to your needs. After all, we know that things can change quickly when trailers are used as temporary work spaces in Burlington.

Star Team Cleaning Services is committed to helping you create a safer, healthier and cleaner office trailer environment in Burlington.

Back-Office Cleaning

Back offices in Burlington tend to have many areas that are frequently touched, which can easily become a hotspot for germs. Make sure cubicles and other work areas where your employees work every day are cleaned and all electronic equipment is sanitised to prevent the catastrophic spread of germs.
Keep areas clean by performing the following tasks regularly:

– Sweeping and vacuuming the floors.
– Mop all hard floor surfaces.
– Empty the wastebasket on a regular basis.
– Eliminate clutter around desks and in the office.
– Clean and disinfect all horizontal surfaces in the medical office daily, including desks.
– Clean and disinfect the walls.
– Disinfect telephones, keyboards and mice.
– Wipe down and disinfect the inside of the refrigerator and microwave in the break room.
– Clean and disinfect sinks, coffee pots and cups regularly.

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Cleaning of Entrance Areas and Waiting Rooms

Entrance areas and waiting rooms are often busy places with large numbers of customers. Prevent the spread of germs throughout the rest of the facility with these tips:

– Disinfect all doorknobs and plates regularly
– Vacuum and mop all hard floor surfaces daily
– Regularly clean and disinfect all tables, chairs and counters
– Disinfect all children’s toys in the area also Mop and wax hard floor surfaces at least once a year to maintain a professional appearance and protect surfaces.

Restroom Cleaning and Maintenance

Restrooms can say a lot about the cleanliness of an office. So be sure to maintain them regularly with this checklist:

  • Always keep a supply of toilet paper, soap and paper towels on hand.
  • Check toilets and urinals regularly for clogs or leaks and repair them immediately.
  • Clean and disinfect all handrails daily.
  • Sweep, mop, and scrub floors regularly.
  • Clean all walls and vertical surfaces regularly.
  • Clean and disinfect all sinks, faucets, mirrors, changing tables and counters.
  • Empty trash cans regularly and remove all trash from floors and counters.
  • Clean and disinfect toilets, urinals, door handles and plates.
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About Townhouse Cleaning in Burlington

Your townhouse is a great investment. It is also a reflection of you. Keeping your townhouse clean and in order is a necessity, both in terms of your health and safety and your productivity.
Star Team Cleaning Services in Burlington can clean your town home to protect it from daily wear and tear.
Star Team Cleaning Services Approach to Cleaning Every cleaning company approaches cleaning from a different angle. Here are the core beliefs that our townhouse cleaning services are based on:


When you work with Star Team Cleaning Services, you are dealing with a company that truly cares about your educational mission in Burlington. Our goal is to assess your educational cleaning needs, recommend a solution (what type of cleaning you need, how often, etc.) and then get to work!

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Dedicated Team Members

Our team members care deeply about you and your field.. We know how an unsanitary space affects health and safety and the negative impact it has on productivity. Our managers are your go-to people and you can contact them directly with any questions or concerns. We invest heavily in recruiting and retaining the best talent from our project managers, including our team members, who are committed to delivering outstanding service.

Excellent Service

As Star Team Cleaning Services begins a new relationship, we want to set a new standard for service in Burlington. We know this is not a game, but we want you to get the best office cleaning service possible.

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Our Process

Our process was born out of a desire to perfect the cleaning office in Burlington. You may be interested in learning how our process works. That’s why we have broken it down into these 4 simple steps for you!

Get in Touch.

Our process was born out of a desire to perfect the cleaning office in Burlington. You may be interested in learning how our process works. That’s why we have broken it down into these 4 simple steps for you!

    1. Receive Get A Quote

    After we speak with you, you will receive an estimate from our team within 12 hours. The estimate will include the work to be done, the frequency of cleaning, and any other pertinent information about your office or industrial cleaning in Burlington.

    2. Schedule One Start Date.

    You then choose a start date that works for you and your business. Your project manager will guide you through the initial steps to get Star Team Cleaning Service in Burlington access to your premises.

    3. Enjoy Your Clean Space

    Our customer service team works to ensure that you are always satisfied with our work. We take our 100% customer satisfaction policy seriously and want you to be happy. If you have any questions, please contact your assigned project manager and we will be happy to serve as your preferred office and industrial cleaning company. As we say, a clean workplace is a productive workplace!


    Our pricing at Star Team Cleaning Services is straight forward. We charge an office or industrial rate based on the needs for your specific job. With us, there are no hidden fees that you discover after the fact.
    Think Star Team Cleaning Services might be a good fit for you and your Burlington business? Would you like to join the countless other satisfied customers we have served in Burlington?

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