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Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting provides commercial cleaning services in Woodbridge and surrounding areas. We welcome inquiries and cleaning jobs from all commercial clients. Our cleaning company serves a diverse clientele including sports and fitness centres, clinics, hospitals, retail stores, banks, religious facilities, restaurants and manufacturing plants. Regardless of your industry or type of business, you can call us anytime you need commercial cleaning in Woodbridge, Canada.

Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting is able to perform a variety of commercial cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and disinfecting. The star team typically uses the industry’s best cleaning equipment and EPA -approved cleaning products and adheres to any workplace safety regulations.

When you choose Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting as your preferred cleaning company, you are choosing excellence. So try to choose the best for your business.

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Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting Relies on Top Equipment

The table cleaners of Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting use first-class materials and equipment, such as microfiber cloths and HEPA photo vacuum cleaners. Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting’s microfiber cloths and flat mops pick up dust, dirt and bacteria more effectively than traditional cleaning materials, while HEPA photo vacuums literally clean the air you breathe by capturing harmful particles in the air.

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Who Cleans at Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting?

Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting cleans your business. Star Team Cleaning offers a wide range of customized commercial cleaning services, including office cleaning, healthcare cleaning, Children daycare school cleaning and more. Services are tailored to your schedule and the needs of your facility, including the size, the work to be done, and the frequency of cleaning you require.

Industries We Serve

Banks & Financial Institutions Cleaning

Give your financial institution a multi-million dollar cleaning without a multi-million dollar price tag. Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting’s bank cleaning services give your facility a clean, professional look and build trust with your customers.
Financial institutions have special cleaning needs that require a higher quality of service from commercial cleaning companies. The company’s employees are specially trained to meet the cleaning and security needs of financial institutions, so you get the full benefit of Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting.

Professional Office Cleaning

Cleaning your business is the main concern of Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting. Clean spaces make a good impression and reduce absenteeism, and customized routine cleaning schedules keep your business running like clockwork – so do not let dirty work get in the way of your business. Leave it to your local Star Team Cleaning.
Whether it’s in lobbies, offices, conference rooms, break rooms, restrooms or elsewhere, Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting will take care of every detail without disrupting your workplace. Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting also knows how costly employee absences can be. That’s why their franchises disinfect all hard-to-clean and hard-to-reach surfaces with a hospital-grade disinfectant, allowing each technician to safely and effectively use fewer chemicals for a healthier environment. They provide customized cleaning services to make your business dreams come true.

Medical Office Cleaning Service

When it comes to medical office cleaning in Woodbridge, you can be sure that the cleaning company you choose will make all the difference. After all, commercial medical office cleaning involves many different tasks that require a lot of time and energy. Commercial office cleaning should start with disinfecting and dusting floors, counters and other surfaces. With germs and dust on the rise, you can count on a dedicated service to come by regularly and get the job done. Whether you need it once a week or every day, the most reliable service providers can accommodate your schedule and overall needs. You should keep in mind that the most important thing about medical cleaning is the high cleaning standards you must maintain according to Canadian medical office cleaning laws.

Auto Dealerships Cleaning

Bring powerful cleaning to your car dealership with commercial cleaning services from your local Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting Company. Cleaning services make it easy to keep your dealership sparkling clean and spotless, making it the perfect showcase for your vehicles.


For disinfection of pathogens in laboratories, medical equipment and other production facilities, especially with regard to their sensitive production, which requires a sterile condition. Most professional cleaning services vary from facility to facility, and those responsible primarily specify the cleaning company and the selected location where they are performed. Industrial cleaning is very specific and cannot be performed by normal cleaning teams, as the work can be a safety hazard for untrained individuals.

We Provide Environmentally Responsible Service

As one of the top rated eco-friendly cleaning companies in Woodbridge, Star Team Commercial Cleaning operates with eco-friendly practices. We are perfectionists and do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction. Star Team cleaning services are unsurpassed in consistency and quality. Another hallmark of our service is flexible scheduling, because no matter when you need us, our team is there for you. Depending on what office hours are convenient for you, our company can create the schedule that works best for you.

The choice of Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting

Reliable. Clean. Guaranteed

It’s not just about what Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting says – it’s about who they are.

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What it’s Like To Work With Star Team

Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting puts the customer first and tailors its services to your needs. We know a lot about the regulatory requirements of each industry we serve and strive to meet those standards. In addition, All-Star Team offices take into account each company’s unique circumstances – location, daily traffic, employee preferences, etc. – to develop customised solutions that meet all requirements.

Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting has a wealth of experience and an impressive track record of satisfied customers. Star Team is certified, bonded and insured so you can always look forward to good and consistent results. All technicians are also trained and conduct themselves in a professional manner. We know that time is money in business, so efficient and thorough work is a priority for the entire Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting team.

With Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting as your cleaning specialists, you can look your best to your customers. Contact us for more information about commercial cleaning services from your local franchise in Woodbridge, Canada.

Star Team of Woodbridge

Star Team Cleaning & Disinfecting knows that not all companies are the same. That’s why we offer customized packages based on your company’s cleaning needs and budget.

Let us get the job done while you focus on your day-to-day business in Woodbridge. The Star Team guarantees you the best commercial cleaning and trains every cleaner assigned to your business right on the spot!

Give us a call at (Call: (647) 772-4486 and Email: or schedule your FREE estimate online below.

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