Commercial Cleaning Rates

When it comes to pricing the commercial settings it is not an easy task because every business has unique scheduling, expectations, traffics, frequencies. That’s the reason we made pricing very easy by offering a range of Affordable Commercial Cleaning Packages to fit your unique setting and your budget.

Affordable Commercial Cleaning Package Pricing

We offer custom packages to your business that are TASK-BASED PRICING.

Basic Cleaning Package Starting from $175/month

This cleaning package is good for small offices and facilities that usually require between 1-2 times a week cleaning. If you are looking for good quality work but have a tight budget, then this is a cleaning package for you.

Standard Cleaning Package Starting from $499/month

This cleaning package is good for medium-size offices and facilities where there are more traffics and you need cleaning between 3-4 times a week. This package is for you if you are looking for clean workplaces for your victors and staff.

Custom Cleaning Packages Starting from $799/month

This cleaning package is good for larger offices and facilities that need detailed cleaning between 5-7 days a week. If you are looking for a competitive and fair price for an excellent & consistent cleaning, then this will be the one for you to keep your offices/facilities spotless. We will exceed your expectations, and we also guarantee 100 % quality to all our work every time we visit.

If you are still not sure which package is best for your facility, please give us a call 647-772-4486 or send us a quote request, we will work with you to choose a package that maintains your facility cleaning up to your expectations.

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