Star Team Daycare Cleaning Team is Responsible For the Child’s Future!

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Children have big hearts and love to share with each other, especially in daycare center. The scary thing that all children share with each other without realizing it is the germs in the daycare center. When we talk about running a daycare center, these germs are lurking in the corners of playgrounds, classrooms, and all the usual places. We are constantly exposed to them and most children are constantly touching things and putting them in their mouths. That’s why cleaning daycare centers is so important to keep children safe, healthy, and most importantly, ready to learn every day! A child’s immune system is more susceptible to infection, so they are always vulnerable to illness. The best thing you can do as a child care provider is to teach children how to wash their hands. By making hand washing and disinfecting a priority, you can greatly reduce the spread of infections.

Organization is The Name of The Game

When it comes to keeping your daycare clean and free of germs and viruses, there are countless cleaning tasks to take care of. The best way to stay on top of them is to get more organized. Create a list where you categorize cleaning tasks and think about which tasks need to be done continuously, every day, once a week, once a month, and which tasks should be done with the help of professionals. A cleaning schedule will not only help you stay on top of things, but it will also help you divide up the daycare work and prioritize the important things.

How Do We Start Cleaning Daycare Centers?

Make sure all staff and those responsible for cleaning can easily access the list and check things off. Posting an updated cleaning list in a designated location will not only ensure that tasks are completed, but also that the same items are not cleaned multiple times when they should not be. There are three different aspects to cleaning a daycare center.

Cleaning: This process involves using hand soap and detergent to remove visible dirt, soil and debris from surfaces.

Disinfecting: This process is often performed after cleaning dishes, food contact surfaces, and toys that children typically put in their mouths. Star Team Daycare Cleaning in North York eliminates germs and ensures that your childcare facility complies with public health and safety regulations.

Disinfect: The net is disinfected and the clean common area in the nursery is covered with a disinfectant solution. We know that it is not easy to kill the germs completely. Before wiping off the disinfectant solution, allow the area to dry or follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Restrooms, locker rooms, or any surface that has been in contact with body fluids must be disinfected. Remember that inadequate cleaning of the day care center affects not only the children, but also their parents. This is because, as a rule, all children bring the viruses from home or public places.

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Key Areas For Daycare Cleaning

The key to thorough cleaning is keeping a schedule and consistently following the same sequence for areas in the daycare – daily, monthly and weekly:

Play Areas: There are a lot of play areas in a day care center. Therefore, cleaning toys, pacifiers, doorknobs, walls, common areas and carpets is especially important.

Eating Areas: Children always eat messy, even cute, but what is left behind is not a pretty picture. Surfaces such as tables, chairs and high chair risers should not be wiped down quickly, but cleaned thoroughly.

Locker rooms: bodily fluids can spread large amounts of viruses such as norovirus and rotavirus.

Restroom areas: At the end of the day, your cleaning staff needs to make sure toilets, sinks, faucets, countertops and bathroom floors are cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread of germs and cross-contamination. Other important imaginative tips for a cleaner in a daycare center include the following

  • Clean all common areas and things the children come in contact with on a daily basis
  • Choose cleaning products for the daycare center that are safe and healthy for children
  • Follow Toronto and North York health and safety standards when cleaning and disinfecting – Wipe up spoiled and spilled food immediately
  • Always try to keep a separate container for things that need to be washed regularly.
  • Stationery and other soiled items in the daycare center
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Star Team Daycare Cleaning Team is Responsible for The Child's Future - Clean Wisely!

A star team is a happy and healthy daycare cleaning company in Toronto and North York! Remember, our daycare cleaners are responsible for some future presidents, future innovators, thinkers, scientists, astronauts, technicians and musicians. That’s why we need to ensure that children thrive in a better, cleaner environment where they can be themselves and where they are guided and educated in the perfect way. Our daycare cleaning services do this by providing daycare cleaning services that are convenient, done by professionals, and are also environmentally friendly. So take a step today and book a Star Team cleaning service for your daycare centers.

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