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The Star Team Cleaning Company-Commercial & Office Cleaning Services Toronto

With 20 years experience, Star Team Cleaning is a 100% Canadian owned cleaning company providing professional Commercial & Office Cleaning  Services to businesses across the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Southern Ontario.

We have built our company on a foundation of values – integrity, reliability, and honesty – delivering premium cleaning solutions to a large range of different sized businesses across many industries. Whether your own a small office, business with multiple locations, entire Commercial Office Buildings, Medical Building, Gyms/Fitness, Restaurants, plazas, multi-tenant venues, and high-rises. We provide flexible and customizable commercial cleaning services to commercial businesses across the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions.

Our team prides itself on delivering hassle-free solutions of the highest integrity and quality, providing our clients with the time to concentrate on their business. Our cleaning company has developed long-lasting relationships with many well-established companies and brands across the Greater Toronto Area, partnering with them to achieve their cleaning requirements and delivering a work and operating environment that helps them succeed.

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Delivering A Cleaner Clean!

The team at the Star Team Cleaning company is committed to providing the highest quality Commercial Cleaning & janitorial Services possible. We collaborate with our clients to understand their needs and create a comprehensive cleaning plan that not only addresses their needs but exceeds their expectations. Our Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services are available Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day, all year around.

Cleaning might seem like an easy task, but every company needs a cleaning company they can trust. Star Team Cleaning is fully bonded, insured, and our team is supervised. We don’t mess around when it comes to our clients. As a trusted name in the cleaning industry, our clients are assured their business is safe, secure, clean, attractive, and healthy to work in!

Professional Cleaning Team:

Knowing What, When and How Cleaning Task Need to be Performed

Dedicated Crews provide you consistent cleaning. all our cleaning team members are fully trained and certified in: disinfecting, green cleaning, carefully screened & selected also trained in the latest cleaning technologies and safety and have criminal checked performed. our professional team uniformed with photo ID & wsib Compliant.

Committed to Quality Clean

We constantly monitor the service of our client’s premises with on-site unscheduled mobile inspection with the custom format to Measure, Track & Report Real Levels of Cleanliness. We’re identifying issues early, allows us for a quick correction. You will get consistently better cleaning using a cleaning company who schedule, perform and implements ACTION-able inspection.

100% Satisfaction-Commercial & Office Cleaning Services

We are committed to Quality Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services. We believe in old-school cleaning: putting passion and love into what we do. We pick up on the minor details that most cleaners overlook, in order to provide a truly outstanding clean. There is no rushing on our job-we always take the time to do the job right the first time, treating your facility as though it is our own. We’re so confident in our Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services that we offer a 100% quality guarantee on all our work. if you are unhappy with our services, we guarantee to come back within 24 hours to rectify the issue.

Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning

We offer green, ecologically- friendly Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services to make sure your facility has the best cleaning , but not the expense of environment. This is why we’ve taken certain measures to make sure that we offer environmental responsible services to all our clients. We use following equipment to achieve these green cleaning:

1-Color Coded Microfiber Cleaning Clothes/Rugs: Benefit of Microfiber

*Effective at capturing microbes: Several studies have determined that microfiber is better than cotton at capturing bacteria. The University of California, Davis medical Center compared the amount of bacteria picked up by a cotton-loop mop and by a microfiber mop. The cotton-loop mop reduced bacteria on the floors by 30%, whereas the microfiber mop reduced bacteria by 99%.

*Prevents cross-contamination: Microfiber cloths and mops are alliable in different colors so that a color-coding system can be implemented for specific uses. For instance, bathrooms, pink cloths can be used for toilets and yellow for sinks. green cloths can be used for office cleaning.

*Reduces chemical and water use more effectively: Because of the microfiber system use less water and chemical, it reduced the amount of water and chemicals handle.

2-Back Pack Vacuum with HEPA Filter: The filters have to go though rigorous testing to ensure that they can capture at least 99.97% of particulates 0.3 microns or larger. On top of that, HEPA filters are known to remove more dust and pollen from the air than any other type of filter available, especially within vacuum cleaner.eco friendly deep cleaning services

3-Safe, Environmental friendly and hospital grade chemicals: We make sure to use only certified( CDC. EPA) chemical that are safe for your facility. Although these chemicals are an environmentally responsible products it doesn’t mean that is sacrifices cleaning power. all of our commercial cleaning chemicals ensure your facility is cleaned thoroughly and in an environmentally responsible way.

Star Team Cleaning-Regular Services

Our cleaning company offers the following Regular Cleaning Services to businesses: daily, weekly. bi-weekly or as needed

  • General Cleaning
  • Remove all dirt, debris and dust from commercial settings
  • Complete floor cleaning-sweeping, mopping and vacuuming
  • Reception Areas Cleaning
  • Meetings/Conference Rooms Cleaning
  • Common areas Cleaning
  • Garbage removal
  • Cubicles and Hallways Cleaning/Dusting
  • Advanced Disinfecting all surfaces
  • Washrooms and Shower Cleaning
  • Kitchen and Coffee Stations Cleaning
  • Work station cleaning
  • Stairwells Cleaning
  • Much more…

Star Team Cleaning-Special Services

Our cleaning company offers the following Special Services to businesses:

  • Stripping & Waxing, Floor Sealing, Buffing and Burnishing
  • Carpet Extraction
  • Windows Cleaning
  • Walls Cleaning
  • Foam Cleaning Shower
  • Tile Scrubbing and Grout Cleaning
  • Top Scrubbing
  • Power Washing
  • High Dusting
  • Much more…

What We Guarantee on our Office & Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Guarantee to complete all regularly scheduled cleaning task on time
  • Guarantee to respond to, and promptly and resolve, if you are unhappy with any specific services issues within 24 hrs
  • Stable cleaning team who know your facility and cleaning task
  • Reliable and Thorough cleaning every time according to the cleaning schedule
  • Periodically on-site mobile inspection
  • Efficient cleaning systems and techniques and skills.
  • Detailed thorough cleaning for a healthier work environment for you and your customers


Our clients have the confidence knowing that the Star Team of cleaners working in their business is trustworthy. Each of our staff are hand-picked and subject to rigorous security clearance checks. We maintain $5M liability insurance and a $10,000 security bond.


Our ongoing training, detailed processes, procedures, and Quality Assurance Program ensure that our team is always achieving optimum quality and ensuring the utmost of customer satisfaction. Our number one goal is to ensure reliability & impress our clients.


Training is a big part of our business and is always ongoing. We believe the key to success is a well-trained team that understands our clients’ needs and is consistently fulfilling them. Our staff is also thoroughly certified in health and safety standards, WHMIS, MSDS, among others.


Quality control is our bread & butter. We deliver clean work environments, that are super sanitary, healthy to operate in, and attractive like they are brand new. We are constantly monitoring the servicing of our clients’ businesses. Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our company.

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