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Commercial Cleaning Services in Scarborough

If you are looking for commercial cleaning in Scarborough that you can trust, we have the solution. At star team cleaning, we specialize in top-notch commercial and office cleaning services. Our customized packages ensure your specific needs are met and can provide everything from cleaning services to janitorial services. We are passionate about making workplaces healthier and happier. We provide a variety of commercial cleaning services for businesses in Scarborough, including cleaning services for offices, restaurants, gyms, schools, daycare centers, and medical facilities. Our quality cleaning services can be trusted, to keep your premises clean, safe, and secure.

Whatever you need, just ask your cleaning manager and we will take care of it. We take care of your premises so you do not have to. All it takes is a phone call or an email, and we will take care of just about anything you put in front of us.

Contact us today to learn more about commercial cleaning in Scarborough. We work for some of the region’s biggest and most recognizable brands, and we can make sure your workspaces look and feel fantastic. These services will help you reduce absenteeism, retain the most capable and talented employees, and spread positivity throughout your office. If you choose star team, you’ll even get your own account manager to make sure your needs are met.

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Make the Right Impression

When your office is clean, tidy and healthy, you can keep your employees happy while making the right impression on your visitors, which could include customers, clients and potential investors. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about commercial cleaning in Scarborough. Reduce stress, fight bacteria and prevent illness by choosing star team cleaning for commercial cleaning in Scarborough and for the well-being of your employees.

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Areas we Clean in Scarborough

Regional Services was founded in Scarborough and has specialized in many areas throughout its history, from offices, schools and gymnasiums to residential buildings and more. Our scope of work has also expanded. We clean offices, schools, restaurants, daycare centers and many other businesses. We provide office and commercial cleaning services throughout Scarborough.

Environmentally Friendly Office Cleaning and Monitoring

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products, methods and systems wherever possible because we are aware of and accept our responsibility to the planet. From our many years of experience, we know that this can only be achieved through good and consistent monitoring. It is very important that managers are regularly on site while the team cleans the offices to check the quality of the work. We have a strict hiring system and training at all levels of the office cleaning company. The managers who run the company have a financial interest in ensuring that our customers at all levels of the cleaning company are more than satisfied with the office cleaning service provided.

Types of Facilities Served

We serve a wide range of clients and facility types. Our staff is accustomed to providing quality service regardless of the type of environment in which they work.

  • Office Buildings
    Office cleaning services often include disinfection, upholstery cleaning and surface disinfection. In metropolitan areas such as Ontario, disinfection of surfaces such as counters and desks is required to ensure a safe work or office environment.​
  • Medical offices
    Healthcare facilities require an increased level of cleaning and disinfection. They pay close attention to detail and provide quality deep cleaning for medical facilities.
  • Warehouses
    Warehouses can quickly accumulate material waste, dust and other environmental hazards. Spills often require professional cleaning and janitorial services to prevent injuries and workers’ compensation claims.
  • Financial Institutions
    Financial institutions such as banks and stock exchanges must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized outside of business hours to ensure the place is safe for returning traders. Cleaning windows is a common task for financial institutions, such as bank branches, where appearance is everything.
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Why Choose Star Team?

We know that there are countless commercial cleaners and janitorial services in Scarborough to choose from. During a consultation, determine your company’s cleaning needs and find out what sets each cleaning company apart from the rest. The Star team has developed its services around our core values.

Partnership, precision and reliability – these principles inspire our approach to cleaning and maintaining your commercial facilities. We work with you to identify the unique needs of your business, deliver tangible, accurate results, and are there for you day in and day out to meet your needs, even as they change. The Star teams have done an outstanding job maintaining accurate standards while paying special attention to “high touch points” Please pass along our thanks and appreciation to all the employees who support this facility.

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