What Are Industrial Cleaning Services?

Industrial facilities are often fast-paced, high-risk areas where the cleaning team must perform its maintenance duties without interrupting daily operations. Industrial cleaning goes a step further than regular office cleaning service in Toronto, often using specialised equipment and cleaning solutions to get the job done.

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What is Industrial Cleaning?

The services offered by industrial cleaning address industrial environments such as manufacturing facilities where equipment operates around the clock to complete production, shipping or construction projects in a timely manner. Industrial cleaning services keep manufacturing facilities running smoothly by removing obstacles that get in the way of operations.

Unlike commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning requires strong chemical cleaners, disinfectants, and powerful equipment to keep these high-traffic areas clean. In general, industrial cleaning is more complex than commercial cleaning and office cleaning in Toronto. A cleaning company must ensure that proper safety knowledge and protocols are in place before deploying its cleaners.

  • Which companies need industrial cleaning services?
    – Factories
    – Industrial warehouses
    – Manufacturing place
    – Pharmaceutical manufacturers
    – Distribution centres
    – Self-storage facilities
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Types of Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial cleaning services are performed in many different types of industrial manufacturing or Industrial warehouses operations. Below you can find different types of industrial cleaning services:

  • Floors
  • Restrooms
  • Surfaces
  • Office cubicles
  • Conference rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Locker rooms
  • Loading docks
  • Warehouses
  • Cafeterias
  • Storage areas
  • Industrial equipment
  • Exhaust systems

Asbestos abatement: Asbestos abatement is one of the most popular types of industrial cleaning services, as many older buildings contain asbestos in fireproofing, drywall and more.
Lead removal and abatement: Lead removal involves using chemicals to break down various coatings that contain lead and lead derivatives. Be sure to choose a cleaning company that is accredited with EPA for lead removal.
Mold removal and remediation: Certain types of mold can cause health problems, including Stachbotrys mold, Fusarium, Cladosporium, Penicillium mold and Aspergillus mold. You need a trained mold remediator to perform mold testing and air testing, secure the trapped area and perform mold removal.
Industrial Vacuuming: The floors in your facility contain chemicals, metal shavings, dirt, debris and more.  Normal janitorial services cannot remove these substances. Vacuuming with industrial cleaners is the only way to remove the items and substances from your equipment, walls and floors.

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The task of industrial cleaning: safety and productivity

Industrial cleaning is a demanding task performed in high-risk facilities that are responsible for following their own work and safety rules. That means commercial cleaning companies that provide industrial cleaning services help manufacturers, distribution centers and other facilities stay in compliance. They accomplish this by meeting specific company requirements, such as:

– Adherence to certain safe cleaning procedures.

– Using special equipment and materials.

– Learning how to navigate active and high-traffic areas.

– Avoiding cross-contamination.

– Obtaining safety and confidentiality statements.

Office cleaning services in Toronto also create customized plans to maintain facilities in an organized manner so that operations are not disrupted and risks are minimized. Plant managers and other executives in industrial facilities are responsible for keeping operations running efficiently and productively and avoiding setbacks and production interruptions. This also includes maintaining a clean work environment that is safe and healthy for employees. And these two tasks are inextricably linked. In fact, 71% of industrial workers themselves believe that operational efficiency strongly influences their productivity, and 94% of workers believe that a clean, risk-free work environment influences their satisfaction.

It’s important that industrial cleaning teams use the latest best practices to keep employees safe, healthy and focused. It’s worth noting that thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and careful maintenance of a facility’s floor dramatically reduce the number of injuries that can occur in a facility.

It is the responsibility of an industrial cleaning company to take hygiene standards as seriously as the industrial company itself. The financial impact of an outbreak of contagious disease or an injured worker due to poorly maintained or unsafe machinery or an untidy or unsanitary environment is significant. A cleaning company’s mistakes – or an industrial company’s failure to employ a professional cleaning team – can lead to a decline in employee productivity, product quality or reputation.

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The Star Team Industrial Cleaning Services in Toronto

The Star Team Office is not only responsible for office cleaning in Toronto or day care cleaning services in Toronto – we also provide cleaning and maintenance services for industrial companies with professional know-how! Trust our cleaning team to keep your facilities spotless and sanitary so you can keep production running.

Let us get the job done while you focus on your day-to-day business. The Star Team guarantees you the best industrial cleaning and trains every industrial cleaner assigned to your company right on the spot!

Contact us today and we will discuss with you the scope of work required for your factory or industrial enterprise.

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