Industrial Cleaning Services

Star Team Cleaning provides unmatched Industrial Cleaning Services to small or large Factories, Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities. We offer professional Industrial Cleaning Services,  Commercial Cleaning and janitorial Services that can be Tracked and Checked to ensure we achieve our usual high standard of cleanliness every time we clean. Our operations team constantly monitoring and checking our performance to achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency.industrial-cleaning Services-star team cleaning!

When it comes to your Industrial plant or warehouse, it is very important to keep a clean and safe environment. Keeping your industrial plant or warehouse clean can decrease health and safety related issues as well as accidents. WHMIS: All of our cleaners educated and trained so they understand the hazards and know how to work safely with hazardous products.

Our state-of-the-art inspection procedure sets Star Team Cleaning apart from other industrial cleaning companies.

 Quality: What it Really takes to get and keep your building clean…REAL Work INSPECT-ing

Scheduled Mobile Inspections to Measure, Track & Report REAL Levels of Cleanliness.

We use: onsite, mobile Inspecting with custom format.

·         Areas shown, and items checked to reflect your facility

industrial-cleaning Services-star team cleaning

·         Adhering to inspection schedule creates consistency

·         Identifying issues early: allows us for a quick correction

Star Team Cleaning’s Industrial Cleaning Services

Our team will work with you to design a schedule that keeps your industrial facility looking and operation at its best. Whether you need daily, weekly or bi-weekly cleanings.

Some of our Industrial Cleaning Services:

  • Hard floor care
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Stripping & waxing and Sealing of the floors
  • Floor scrubbing
  • Sanitization/disinfecting of surfaces and equipment using hospital-grade disinfectants
  • Remove of grease, dirt, debris and dust
  • Periodically specialty cleaning services on a monthly, seasonal, quarterly or annul basis
  • And more!…

Industrial Cleaning Services Health in Mind 

We understand that industrial facility has very complex and strict schedules, also has a very important rules and regulations to adhere to. Our main goal is to provide a clean and safe facility to ensure your operation is uninterrupted. If you would like more information about our industrial cleaning Services and janitorial services or to get a free quote on your facility cleaning, please contact us today.


We provide Custom Cleaning schedules daily, weekly or frequent Industrial Cleaning Services and Commercial Office Cleaning Services.

Starting from $175 per Month.

Why Choose Star Team Cleaning?

  • Dedicated cleaners to provide consistent high quality industrial cleaning services.
  • All employees are Thoroughly Background Checked, Wsib & Insured.
  • 100% Guarantee Quality
  • Dedication to Quality Clean
  • Industry Leading Cleaning Technique & Technology
  • Outstanding Customer Service

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