Office Cleaning Tips in Winter Season

With the onset of winter, commercial cleaning is presented with a seasonal challenge as salt is used to combat snow and icy conditions. Not only do your employees get sick and takeoff more often, but you have added changes to keep your floors clean as well as keeping germ free work places.
In order to keep your work place clean and healthy, we have summarized a few winter cleaning tips for your commercial establishment as it should be cleaned more regularly during the winter season.

1-Keep Entryway, and hard Flooring Clean

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 Heavy snowfalls, freezing rain and ice are just some of the circumstances we have to endure in Canada. The holiday season and colder conditions leads to increased indoor traffic, and salt can easily be tracked in to your office or commercial establishment. Leftover salt film is not only unsightly, especially for commercial settings which need to be kept presentable to customers, but they can wreak havoc on your floors. Ice melting residue can cause discoloration and use of aggressive cleaning agents can cause further damage.

Protect Your Floors in Winter Season

            To ensure the longevity of your floors, regular detergents will not be enough to neutralize salt or chemical build up. Luckily, there is a reliable cleaning solution known as Winter Rinse (also known as Winter Rinse Away) which is specially formulated to safely remove these alkaline films by breaking down and lifting the ice melting compounds. This concentrated detergent includes components such as rock salt, calcium chloride and potassium chloride. You can be rest assured that the resulting finish will see your floors restored back to it’s clean and glossy state.

            Biodegradable, Winter Rinse can be safely used in auto scrubbers or mop on applications, making it easy to use. It is also compatible with any type of flooring that is water safe. If you are concerned about the smell in an office or commercial setting, it is also available in a floral scent. When used regularly, Winter Rinse can help to prevent and eliminate signs of corrosion in any metal fasteners, steel doors, door frames and thresholds, such as in office entry ways. It can also aid in neutralizing salt build up in winter mats, a common culprit of tracked in salt and ice.

At Star Team Cleaning, our team is skilled in the application of Winter Rinse and we ensure that whether it is for your office, business or commercial establishment, your floors will be free of white residue.

2- Disinfect- Common/Shared/High Touch Areas

The cleaning of your Bathrooms, Breakroom, Lunchroom, must be at the top of your cleaning check list. If even one person gets sick in the office, he/she could possibly infect the entire workforce. One of the most effective ways to prevent this from happening is to disinfect all shared and high touch areas. Breakrooms, bathrooms and especially doors handle, counter tops are breeding grounds for germs and the flu to spread. These are the areas where most of your employees will spend some time during the day. Also, lobbies, meeting rooms and other gathering areas should be key areas for disinfecting as well. Re-assess your high traffic areas and put them on the top of your cleaning check list during the winter season.

3- Air Quality-Clean the Air

Its very important to have air ducts and ceiling vents checked for dust removal and cleanliness.  Especially during the winter season, office buildings and commercial establishments are generally more closed up so germs and pollutants are continuously circulated throughout your offices and work places. It is essential to add indoor air quality to your office cleaning check list. Also, ensure HVAC systems are working properly to reduce the circulation of germs and dirt throughout your office and work places.

These dust mites are in the air you are breathing, so it is important to make sure your cleaning company is performing a monthly dusting check list to minimize dust in the office and work place. This includes all air vents, grills, celling corners, above all hand reach horizontal surfaces, blinds, on top of all the windows/doors frames as well as all your wall hangings.

4- Clean Office Carpets Regularly

Another important to do list during the winter season is to keep your carpet clean. Carpet fibers can collect a layer of dust and dirt.  It’s a good idea to get your carpets professionally cleaned. This will remove the salt and indoor allergens that have been trapped during the winter. It is recommended that you clean your carpets before and after the winter season.

  Our expert team provides commercial cleaning services to help keep offices and work places clean and safe during the winter season. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote to have your offices clean and sanitized for your workforce and customers for the Canadian winter!


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