Cleaning Carpet: How Often Should You Clean carpet?

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Got stains on your carpet? The condition of your carpet has a greater impact on how your business is perceived than you may realize. From the moment a potential customer walks through your front door, he or she is taking note of details that help them form an opinion of your business. You may have the best products or services in town, but the appearance of your business will leave a lasting impression on your customers. Your flooring is one of the first things customers will notice when they walk into your building. If your carpets are dirty or worn, it may put them off and cause them to go to a competitor. Keeping your carpets clean can make all the difference.

Not only do clean carpets look better, but taking good care of them will extend their lifespan.

carpet cleaning by star team cleaning
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How Frequently Should You Clean Your Carpet?

There are several factors that determine how frequently you should clean your carpets. Ideally, your carpets should be vacuumed daily. However, if your business has high foot traffic, you may find that you need to vacuum more than once a day. The same goes for professional cleaning. How often you should get your carpets cleaned by experts will depend on the weather, how much your carpets get walked on, and the type of carpets you have. Some businesses find that they need their carpets professionally cleaned twice a year, while others need a deep clean every 6-8 weeks. A company that provides reliable carpet cleaning services can help you find out what the best frequency is for your business.

Spot cleaning

Stains are unsightly and can ruin the beauty of your carpet, so spot cleaning should be done whenever there are spills on the carpet that may cause staining. The longer a stain remains on your carpet, the more difficult it will be to lift the stain. Fortunately, there are products that can be used to quickly remove stains. To spot clean your carpet, a cleaning product will need to be applied to the stain and rubbed off using an industrial cloth. If you’re dealing with a tough stain, you may need to seek professional carpet cleaners.

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Vacuum daily

A sure and easy way to keep your carpets looking their best is to vacuum them daily. This should be done particularly in high-traffic areas of your office like entryways and hallways. Daily vacuuming will ensure that your office carpets always look pristine and will prevent the buildup of dirt which tends to accumulate in carpet fibers.

Benefits of Professional Cleaners

Consider cleaning your carpets 1 to 2 times a month if your carpets are in high-traffic areas. There is only so much vacuuming and spot cleaning you can do to clean your carpet. If your office space has moderate traffic, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned two to four times a year, and only twice a year if there is light traffic.

Hiring professional carpet cleaners is well worth your money because caring for your carpet will result in an extended lifespan and is cheaper than having to buy new carpets. Professional carpet cleaners are equipped with specialized cleaning solutions and equipment that are tough on stains and do far more than vacuuming and spot cleaning can do.

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