Electrostatic Disinfection Services

Covid Disinfection and Deep Cleaning Services

Covid Disinfection and Deep Cleaning Services

We provide complete COVID Deep Cleaning and Electrostatic Disinfection Services in Ontario. With the outspread of coronavirus, health concerns have grown amongst people. Everyone is worried about the hygienic conditions because setting aside the routine life forever is not possible. Hence, most of us spend most of the time commuting from office to home and working in offices, which exposes us to conditions that are not so hygienic. Such an instance leaves you at the threat of being infected, but these things can also compromise businesses’ efficiency.

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COVID-19 Spreads

How COVID-19 Spreads?

COVID-19 is declared to be notoriously resilient in terms of its survival and spread. Like many other respiratory tract viruses, Coronavirus (COVID-19) can also spread in the form of small droplets that can be released from the mouth and the nose of an infected individual as they cough or sneeze. A single cough droplet can lead to the production of up to three thousand droplets. These droplets can then contaminate the surfaces that the infected individual touches. Consequently, other people getting in contact with the surfaces can also get infected when their hands touch their mouth, nose, or eyes.

COVID-19 can survive up to a week on material such as plastic, glass, and metal until such items are thoroughly disinfected. The individuals infected by the virus do not show any symptoms until at least 14 days after the infection, making it too complex to detect the virus.

Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

Bacteria and viruses can get easily transferred from one place to another in a way that you would have never imagined. This is why it is crucial to pay attention to critical areas rather than rubbing the floors and sanitizing the desks. To ensure utmost efficiency and eliminate concerns, it is essential to disinfect every area inside your property, from your doorknobs, laptop’s keyboard to floors, walls, handles, and all other objects as well as surfaces that may have come under contact with the external environment. Similarly, suppose you are opting for disinfecting services for your office or a commercial building. In that case, it is essential to ensure all the lifts along with the staircases are thoroughly covered, leaving no signs of contaminants behind. After all, the aim behind getting professional deep cleaning services is to provide households and employees a safe place to live and work.

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Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting During a Facility Closure

During these unprecedented times, deep cleaning and disinfecting services have gained a foothold in our society. We are all trying to understand what lies ahead and what we need to do to make our workplace safe again during the epidemic.

While the term “Deep Cleaning” does sound very satisfying and reassuring, this can give people a false sense of safety and security. Particularly during the covid times, it is essential to make decisions with thorough information to sound good and provide the businesses with the necessary safety while minimizing the unnecessary cost.

It is crucial to make well-informed decisions, especially when it involves the workers’ health and safety.

In this article, we have discussed critical points about Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting Services to help you understand the options at your disposal better.

Clean First, Disinfect Later

Cleaning the area is essential before disinfecting it as cleaning makes way for active pharmaceutical ingredients present in professional-grade disinfectants to get rid of contaminants and other harmful pathogens more effectively. Without cleaning being the first step, a disinfectant’s effectiveness can be reduced due to dirt, grime, or other materials as these materials can create a physical or an organic barrier that can prevent the active pharmaceutical ingredients in the disinfectant to do their work more effectively. CDC has also recommended cleaning the area before disinfecting.

Commercial Restroom Disinfecting and Sanitizing
Professional Covid Disinfection and Deep Cleaning Services

How Do Professional Commercial Deep Cleaning Services Perform Effective Cleaning For A Commercial Building?


A professional commercial deep cleaning service begins by identifying the commonly touched surfaces such as tabletops, desktops, light switches, telephones, keyboards, handles and knobs, light switches, etc. This is done by working with the client to understand the requirements unique to their facility better.

The next step is to apply a cleaner to these surfaces for deep cleaning, followed by a disposable towel to clean the area in one direction only. This allows for the materials present on the surface to be picked up through the towel.

After the surface is all dried then the disinfectant is applied.


There are several ways to apply a disinfectant, but the two prime factors that can lead to a successful disinfection service are:

Choosing the exact process:

Choosing the accurate method to apply the disinfectant is very important. Selecting the precise mechanism directly impacts the right amount of disinfectant that gets applied to the surface and is then left there for the required amount of time for it to be effective.

Picking out the correct disinfectant:

Reputable deep cleaning and disinfecting service providers often provide their clients with the Safety Data Sheet and the Drug Identification Number (DIN) of the chemical(s) that they use.

HVAC and Vent Cleaning

HVAC and Vent Cleaning

Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems can minimize the airborne virus concentration that can lead to COVID-19, decreasing the risk of transmission via the air.

Over time the filters in HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) machines tend to get dirty and no longer function as well as they, once used to. Like how the home air conditioner requires an occasional filter cleaning, it is also essential to maintain and clean your HVAC system.

HVAC’s function can be extensively compromised if there is an excessive buildup of grime and contaminants in the filter. On the other hand, the ductwork also is costing you additional money just to run the machine, and in the worst-case scenario, the HVAC machine not being able to function correctly.

Commercial deep cleaning services by professionals can perform exhaustive testing on the HVAC system to determine your HVAC system’s actual state and if it is needed to perform a cleaning to restore its function.

Cleaning the HVAC machine is a complex task and should only be done by experts. Professional disinfecting service providers are aware of how essential it is to exercise care with portable ventilation equipment and avoid air blowing from one person directly to another person in order to minimize the spread of any airborne viruses.

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Professional Covid Disinfection and Deep Cleaning Services

The CDC’s guidelines ask every important business to clean and sanitize all the areas routinely. As a result of which many businesses are taking the necessary steps to keep their facilities disinfected.

It is strongly recommended to get professional deep cleaning services for your facility as a way to keep your employees safe. Here we have listed a few crucial reasons why you should get professional commercial deep cleaning services:

Professional deep cleaning services can reach all areas of the facility by applying a disinfectant utilizing various techniques such as fogging, surface wiping, and spraying to the building areas that would otherwise be missed during routine cleaning.

Techniques Used in Professional deep cleaning and Covid Disinfection Services.


  • Electrostatic Disinfecting Service— Electrostatic disinfection is a way of quickly and evenly coating a surface with a disinfecting solution by spraying an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces and objects.
  • Deep Cleaning/Surface Wiping— This technique involves wiping down all the surfaces with an industrial-grade disinfectant. The disinfectant solution is applied wet, then wiped after some time for maximum effect.

Through these techniques, every nook and corner of the facility can be sanitized thoroughly.

Professional cleaning makes use of various sanitizing products. Hiring a professional and not taking the help of your employees or workforce to clean and disinfect the facility will keep them safe and out of harm’s way. Professionals are trained to wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and to do the cleaning in such a way as to reduce the risk to them. In contrast, your staff will not know how to protect themselves adequately.

For each of the reasons mentioned above, every business must opt for professional disinfection and deep cleaning services.

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Importance of FoggingElectrostatic Disinfection Services against Germs and COVID-19

Importance of Fogging/Electrostatic Disinfection Services against Germs and COVID-19

What Is Fogging Sanitization Service?

A fogger is used to spray highly effective Virucidal cleaner to all the surfaces that need cleaning. The fogging technology allows the chemicals to be spread in the form of very tiny droplets to facilitate penetration through the smallest cracks or openings. As this method involves a mist of droplets, we can also use it on electrical equipment such as keyboards, monitors, etc.

To begin with, fogging Sanitization, the property must be vacated before the service begins. The certified technicians begin by fogging all the surfaces such as the work stations, tables, desks, doors, floors, kitchens, toilets, remote controls. After the service is done, the offices can then be entered after a minimum of 1 hour.

It is a beneficial sanitization technology. The products used for fogging decontamination are effective against several viruses, bacteria, and yeast that are highly contagious such as the Coronavirus, MRSA, E. coli Swine Flu, HIV, Hepatitis C, Clostridium Difficile, and the Common food poisoning bacteria.

Parting Words

The deadly novel Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has officially been declared a pandemic and has so far claimed thousands of lives all over the globe.

In such circumstances, the health and the safety of you and your loved ones are on the line. Therefore, it is immensely crucial to have a trusted professional deep cleaning services company on your side that can protect your workspace from Coronavirus.

In these unusual times and as part of the effort to help businesses impacted by COVID-19, Star Team Cleaning is responding to the global pandemic by providing groundbreaking COVID commercial deep cleaning services and sanitizing services for businesses as well as facilities.

We use several disinfecting methods to cater to your requirements and facilitate our clients in the best possible manner. If you want to learn more about our exceptional disinfecting services, get in touch with us today at 647-772-4486 or info@starteamcleaning.com.

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