Complete Checklist for Post Construction Cleaning

cleaning checklist after construction

When it’s time to put the finishing touches on another construction project it’s important to complete a detailed inspection of the worksite in order to ensure all is clean, organized, and safely stored away. A final walkthrough should involve a post-construction cleaning checklist to ensure that all outstanding work is complete and the site is ready to leave for a final time.


Most aspects of the cleaning process once a construction or renovation project has come to an end are similar to regular cleaning. These include duties such as dusting, vacuuming, and polishing – however, this type of work is more rigorous and may require specialized tools like wet/dry vacuums, commercial-grade floor polishers, and bucket (or shop) vacs. Most of this equipment can be rented from local hardware stores, but turning to the experts like Star Team Cleaning is also an option.


It is always beneficial to create a construction cleaning checklist as this detailed document breaks down and will help you keep track of the different areas of a worksite into specific cleaning categories. This also helps workers walk through each section of the job site and can quickly identify any clean-up tasks that have been completed and which tasks are outstanding. This is a good tactic to ensure all work is finalized before the project can be deemed finished.

Post Construction Cleaning benefits
what to include in checklist for post construction cleaning


A post-renovation checklist should cover every area of the worksite. This will serve as a guide to help workers inspect all aspects of the project. Here’s what you should include:


All entryways into the building need to be inspected and cleaned.

  • Dust exterior lights
  • Ensure lights are in working order
  • Wipe frames of window
  • Make sure to clean doors, frames, and knobs
  • Sweep entrance ways

2-Living/Common Areas

It is important to ensure that living rooms and common areas are well lit, clean, and free of debris. There should be no sign that workers were even on-site.

  • Sweep floors, vacuum, mop
  • Ensure lights work and are dust-free
  • Clean doorknobs and light switches
  • Clean and dust windows, window sills, and window tracks
  • Ensure floor has no paint drops and walls are free of scuff marks
  • Clean doors and doorframe
  • Remove trash


Kitchens can be especially challenging to clean following a construction project as there are many cabinets and crevasses where dust can settle.

  • Dust all counters, shelves, and cabinets
  • Clean inside all appliances
  • Clean inside draws and cabinets
  • Ensure all cabinet hardware is clean and secure
  • Sweep, vacuum, mop the floors
  • Clean and dust windows, window sills, and window tracks
  • Clean backsplash and sink
  • Wipe all fixtures and finishings
kitchen and common areas cleaction
bathroom and other spaces cleaning after construction


Even though bathrooms are typically the smaller rooms in the home, it is imperative they are clean and in working order come to the end of the project.

  • Clean and sanitize sink, tub, toilet, and shower
  • Wipe down mirrors, cabinets, and counters
  • Sweep, vacuum, mop the floors
  • Clean inside cabinets and drawers
  • Wipe all windows, baseboards, lighting fixtures, doorknobs, and doorframe
  • Remove all garbage

5-Outdoor Spaces/Landscaping

The final chapter of the post-construction cleaning checklist is an inspection of the property’s exterior. This includes removing all evidence of garbage and construction work.

  • Remove all trash and debris
  • Sweep and power wash walkways
  • Sweep decks, patios, and porches
  • Clean mailbox and garage door

It’s common for homeowners and property managers to overlook hiring a crew for construction clean-up when a project is completed and this could end up costing more money in the long run. After you account for labor and equipment rentals, going with a professional construction clean-up service makes a lot of sense, and the experts at Star Team Cleaning are one call away from you.

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