Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services in Brampton

Star Team Cleaning provides professional commercial & office cleaning/Janitorial services in Brampton that is affordable and reliable. When you need a quick, reliable, commercial cleaning service in Brampton, you go with Star Team Cleaning. Our cleaning techniques help get rid of 99.9% of germs with hospital-grade disinfectants. Our team has cleaned for a number of industries so there isn’t a call we aren’t familiar with. When customers visit your establishment, they should not be worrying about the cleanliness of a building. We are always ready to clean with products that are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

What services are provided in Brampton?

  • Regular cleaning-daily, weekly or bi-weekly-we work 365/7 days week to serve you better
  • Striping & Waxing
  • Carpet Cleaning 
  • Walls and Windows Cleaning
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning/Scrubbing
  • Full Shower Disinfecting/Foam Cleaning
  • Day Porter
  • Buffing & Burnishing
  • Power Washing

Janitorial Services in Brampton

When you choose commercial cleaning services, this includes a package deal. Our cleaning services are adaptable to a number of industries. We start with complete floor cleaning (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming). Then we slowly make our way to other rooms in the building such as the lobby, washrooms, or kitchens. The things used in each of the facilities such as the desk and sinks will be wiped down properly and sanitized. Our employees empty the garbage bins and properly recycle the materials. We also clean walls and windows and air out the room for better air quality.

Commercial & Office Cleaning Services in Brampton

It does not matter the size of your business or the frequency of cleaning needed or the number of specialized items we need to clean. Our commercial cleaning services work for a number of businesses in Brampton. Our quality janitorial services come from the comprehensive training sessions we put all our new employees through. We are also available for any emergency cleanings you may need. Our company not only offers regular inspection, but we also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Star Team Cleaning has worked for a number of businesses from gyms to hospitals. Every business has a certain standard they expect from a cleaning service so it’s better to go to a company with has the necessary experience.

More info on our Office Cleaning Services in Brampton

Why choose Star Team Cleaning as your cleaning company in Brampton? We have been providing commercial & office cleaning services for businesses in Brampton for 20+ years. Brampton may be famous for their museums, historical buildings, theatres, all types of commercial businesses, and restaurants, things that draw in tourists. But all this foot traffic means that a cleaning company must regularly take care of these places. We don’t balk at any challenge and are more than capable of offering needed cleanings in Brampton. This popular city booming with people, needs a company that can handle high cleaning demand. Not only for its charming attractions but for all the other industries this city has to offer.

Why choose Star Team Cleaning?

  1. Locally Owned – We are not a big corporate, we are locally owned and operated 
  2. Low Prices – We offer the best prices for cleaning services starting at just $175/month
  3. Eco-Friendly –  We use environmentally friendly products such as microfiber cloths, hospital-grade sanitizing, and vacuums with a HEPA filter vacuums with a HEPA filter
  4. Customer Satisfaction – Our crew is trained to pay attention to detail  
  5. Supervisors perform inspection checks to ensure we provide the best services
  6. Flexible Schedule – Different industries need cleaning services at different times. We understand that necessity and are more than willing to compromise
  7. Popular – We are the most requested cleaning services in Ontario. We provide unmatched quality of service and care to the clients 
  8. Frequency – It doesn’t matter how often you need us to clean the area, we’ll comply whether it’s every day or every month 
Commercial Cleaning Services Toronto

Our Commercial & Office Cleaning Services are included:

Star Team Cleaning has over 20 years of experience with this type of work. Many businesses have called to be taken care of and with each cleaning, we have learnt some new things. We have adapted this knowledge into our techniques that we create the perfect clean space for everyone.

  1. Restaurants – – When we clean a restaurant we don’t just focus on the kitchen (although that is the area we focus on) our team does the lobby, washrooms, and tables as well. Star Team cleaning will sanitize everything including the cutting boards with safe products. Sweep and mop the floor and wipe down the ice machine. We help clean ovens dispose of waste and deal with grease build-up by flushing down the drains with our special solution.
  2. Malls – Many people visit the mall and they bring in dirt and other debris from the foot traffic. Good thing we’re known for our floor cleaning services. We have experience with everything from linoleum to glass floor and have ways to get rid of unwanted things before they become stains. We thoroughly clean the entrances and exits, washrooms, and food court as there is a large traffic of people gathered in the area. A professional company can handle such a large area without trouble.
  3. Hotels – In a hotel our crew will clean the rooms first and foremost as it is where your guests will spend a lot of their time. When we enter a hotel room, we’ll open the window to air the room out as we empty the trash and remove all used items like bedsheets, shampoo, etc. We’ll scrub the floors and sanitize the door handle. When we’re done with the room we’ll focus on other areas like the pool, spas, or vending machines so that nothing is left unclean.  
  4. Schools – When children are involved you want to be extra careful with the cleaning methods used. We want to disinfect all the items touched such as lockers, water fountains, and desks. Schools have a large number of students in their building so routine cleaning is necessary to prevent the spread of infection. Since students spend hours in a classroom: the board, floors, and windows need to be properly cleaned every day with care.
  5. Medical Facilities – This is the place where someone is at their weakest. Patients come in with a compromised immune system. So, without the area being properly disinfected of germs, there is a high risk of infection and danger to their body. Luckily, we use hospital-grade sanitizers and are more than familiar with hospital protocol to ensure that everything is properly cleaned and taken care of. We understand that cleaning a medical facility involves attention to detail.
  6. Entertainment Areas – By this, we mean places like the movie theatre where people eat, drink, and share an experience with a room full of people. You’ll be surprised by how sickly soda gets when left on the floor for a while and an amateur isn’t going to be able to clean a theatre properly, go with a cleaning crew that will clean everything from the movie screen to the seats people use. A theatre can be used three to four times a day so use a company that can handle the frequency of cleanings.  
  7. Gyms – A good workout at a gym will leave someone sweating. This will get all over the gym equipment. Our workers can take care of that by disinfecting all the weights and the water fountains. Locker Rooms are another place that we pay attention to as it is used by everyone. We use microfiber cloth so bacteria cannot travel through our cleaning. We’ll also vacuum the room, so we get rid of any dust from outside. Our cleaners will also thoroughly disinfect the yoga mats.  
  8. Warehouses – With warehouses you want to do certain things daily such as emptying the garbage bins and regularly getting rid of outdated inventory. This avoids any mishaps in the future as well as ensures a clean area. We will also wipe down any machinery in the building so that it works in its optimum condition. Although with warehouses the most common problem is dust in the area. When things are left to sit for a while dust accumulates and can invite a host of other problems.  
  9. Parking Areas – It does not matter if it is an indoor or outdoor parking area, we can help clean it. Spills tend to happen in this area and if left uncleaned can draw bugs to the area. It is not a good idea for someone’s first impression of your business to be a dirty parking lot. Therefore, our cleaning crew will remove all trash in the area and clean the floor and walls without removing the parking lines with our cleaning products. When we are done the parking lot will look brighter.  

We offer a 100% Service Guarantee!

When you hire the Star Team Cleaning in Brampton you’re guaranteed a few things:

  1. We’ll be done on schedule 
  2. Unscheduled inspections to ensure perfect service was provided
  3. Any mistakes will be rectified within 24 hours
  4. Your security codes are only accessible to employees that clean your building
  5. No business info will be leaked by our cleaners 
  6. We can accommodate schedule changes 
  7. We offer great customer service

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