Commercial Cleaning: Steps to a Cleaner Workplace

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No matter what requires cleaning, whether it is industrial or commercial, there are a few steps that can help you to make the area cleaner. This strategy is often used by the professionals for different areas. Remember that this process can differ for commercial cleaning services depending on the area getting worked on.

Getting Rid of Trash

Before cleaning can get done, waste removal is necessary. The company will get rid of liners and garbage bags. Then the small part of the bin will need sanitisation. A fresh bag can then go in.


Next, the company will start to dust anything that is higher than shoulder height while going around the area. That way, any dust that falls will not contaminate a lower area. This makes it easier to mop later on since that only has to get done once.

Damp wipe

Next, commercial cleaning companies will use a damp cloth that has a disinfectant on it. This can go on any area that people might touch a lot, except for the glass. That might include doorknobs, light switches, or desks. This is important because there can be bacteria or viruses on the areas.


For areas that have products such as paper towels, soap, or toilet paper, the company will then restock the items. If these items are available to the public, it can reduce the spread of viruses or bacteria.

Dust mopping

Once the higher surfaces are clean, the lower areas are ready to get done. This includes the floor. The company will use a dry or dust mop to collect the dust on the floor to make it easier to use a damp mop. It is good to navigate around large objects so that no corners end up with uncollected dirt in them.

Damp mop

The last step involves using a damp mop. This can add a finish to the floor as well. The bucket will have bleach and water or another neutral cleaner. The company should clean around the edges as much as possible and then clean the center without stepping on the wet floor if possible. The floor can then get left alone so it can dry in the air. A good company will place a wet floor sign to keep people from slipping on the area and hurting themselves.

Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Services Today

If you choose a company that follows these steps, you can ensure that your space gets cleaned properly. That can reflect your desire to keep the space clean. If you want to have the best commercial cleaning services in Toronto, feel free to reach out to Star Team Cleaning today.

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