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Commercial Restroom/Washroom/Bathroom Cleaning Services

Restroom Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

When it comes to the commercial washroom cleaning services, we have to set the correct frequency of the restroom cleaning. To have a clean, healthy, fresh and bacteria-free restroom we need to set up a correct restroom cleaning schedule. This is depending on the commercial settings: if it’s a small or medium sized work place you need daily cleaning, or if it’s a very high-traffic restroom (such as gym/school/restaurant/large-sized offices ), you may need more often restroom cleaning schedule a day to maintain germ/bacteria-free restroom.

At Star Team Cleaning, we have done hundreds of workplace restrooms cleaning last 19+ years. We know exactly WHAT to clean & disinfect and how to maintain it. The Washroom/restroom is the most important sections of the commercial setting, because its constantly being used by guests and staffs therefore its extremely important to keep clean and disinfect all touch surfaces to minimize the germ, virus and disease to spread to others.

Commercial Restroom Disinfecting and sanitizing

Have you every gone to the commercial restroom/washroom/bathroom that filthy, dirty, smelly and garbage overflows and you don’t want to use it, but you did not have any other chance but to use it for the time being. You know what I’m talking about. No one likes to use unhygienic restroom. Its unfortunately most of the cleaning companies do not even know how important is to keep a clean and germ-free washroom never mind cleaning and sanitizing the washroom/bathroom.

Restroom need to be sanitized and disinfected to a greater degree in keeping with IPAC standards in the interest of the health concerns. Of course, to disinfect the restroom properly, cleaners must know where to disinfect, how to disinfect, what products to use, how to apply these products properly to get optimum coverage.Cleaning service

At Star Team Cleaning, we disinfect restroom every time we clean. In order to eliminate all germs up to 99.9% we use hospital-grade disinfectants. Our trained cleaners know where, what, how to disinfect. Our team will focus on ‘’high-touch’’ areas such as: door hanged/faucets handles/flush handles/dispensers. We also focus on all walls/partitions/walls under/around all dispenser/in/out toilet/both sides of toilet seats/base of toilets. All walls around toilets need to be wiped properly for any splashes/stains. Floors need to be mopped using appropriate chemicals.

Restroom Cleaning Health In Mind

Its imperative for cleaning team members to follow specific restroom cleaning procedure. Clean restrooms are important for several reasons. Everyone will visit the restroom several times each day while at work. Few areas will get complaints faster than a dirty restroom or an empty restroom dispenser. And most importantly, clean rest rooms are a safeguard to health. Since they are subject to intimate personal use, lavatory surfaces can harbor more disease bacteria than other areas. Properly disinfected and sanitized restrooms reduce the possibility of cross contamination. lt further reduces the development of offensive orders. A clean rest room will have no odor. Therefore, no deodorants are needed unless you choose to use one for aesthetic reasons.Commercial Office Cleaning-Microfiber Cloths

Our Restroom Cleaning Services Process Including:

  1. Dusting: Dust all horizontal surfaces, lights, fans, door jam, vents, ceiling corners, top of mirrors frames, top of all partitions, baseboards etc.
  2. Spot Cleaning: Spot clean all light switches, wall around light switches and door frames, walls, partitions, walls under/around dispensers, walls behind garbage bins, backsplashes, wall behind/around toilet & Urinals etc.
  3. Cleaning and disinfecting: All high touch areas (such as door (both side) handles, flush handles, faucets and handles, all dispensers and hand dryers).
  4. Trash Removal: Remove all garbage, sanitary napkins etc.
  5. Refiling of Dispensers: All dispensers (Hand Towels, Toilet Papers, Hand soap dispensers) should be refilled every time the restroom is cleaned.
  6. Toilet & Urinals Cleaning: Cleaning team should clean in/out all toilet & urinals. Make sure to brush inside all toilets and urinals to remove any stains. And use color coded microfiber towels to disinfect the outside of the toilet/urinals-be sure to wipe base of the toilet for any stains/splashes. Clean both sides of toilets seats after cleaning put the seat upright position.
  7. Sink, countertop and Vanity Cleaning: Wipe and clean all sinks with the disinfectant. Make sure to scrub entire sink to eliminate hard water marks or brown colors etc. pay attention around faucets to make sure there is no builds-up around faucets and basins. Clean face of all vanities for any splashes or stains.Toilet Cleaning
  8. Mirrors: Clean and Polish all mirrors. Be sure to reach the top of mirrors periodically to make sure there is no dust or stains.
  9. Floor Cleaning: After sweeping entire floor you can wet mop the floor. Be sure to put wet sign outside. Pay attention corners and behind/around toilets and urinal to make sure all stains mopped nicely to eliminate any odors. Be sure to scrub the floor periodically to maintain the floors appearances and no discoloring floors or grouts.
  10. Shower Cleaning: Clean and disinfect all shower walls and floors. Implement a foam cleaning system to eliminate mold or mildew in showers surfaces.
  11. Polishing stainless steels and Chrome: Polish and bright works all stainless steels and chromes such as kick plates, stainless steel sinks, garbage bins, stainless steel plates etc.

All our restroom cleaning services in GTA and surrounding area are 100% guaranteed. Our cleaning team Professionally TRAINED, KNOW HOW and WHAT to do to provide consistently detailed restroom cleaning services for workplaces.

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