Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Checklist


A properly cleaned restaurant is important for success in an exceedingly competitive industry. There are also health regulations that need to be met in order to legally operate. The following clean kitchen checklist will walk you through daily, weekly, and monthly tasks you can do to keep your kitchen in tip top shape. Another option is going with a professional cleaning crew – and if that is what you’re considering call the good people at Star Team Cleaning today for your commercial kitchen cleaning needs.

Daily Cleaning

Clean cooking equipment:

  • Fryers – drain the grease, scrub the interior, remove any residue that may have built up in the drain line, and lastly, wipe down the exterior.
  • Griddles – if there is any remaining grease or food, scrape it off. Follow user guide cleaning instructions, ensure to empty waste drawer.
  • Flattops – Scrape surface of debris and grease and follow cleaning instructions in user guide.
  • Ranges – Use degreaser to wipe off any excess grease. Remove and deep clean components and allow to air dry before reassemble.
  • Steam tables – Drain well of any water, scrub table with detergent and rinse.
  • Vent hoods – Use a damp cloth to wipe any built up grease. Polish if need be.
  • Grease traps – Empty grease trap of any water or grease, scrape clean, wipe grease trap with a dry cloth to remove any build up.
  • Dishwasher hood filters – Remove filter from hood and soak in mix of hot water and detergent, scrub filter, let air dry.

Weekly Cleaning

Kitchen equipment:

  • Ovens – Follow cleaning instructions in user guide
  • Fridge and freezer – empty contents and wipe interior and exterior.
  • Coffee maker – Wipe down coffee machine and follow cleaning instructions in user guide.
  • Deep fryer – After you clean your fryers boil water in them to remove finicky grease stains. Drain water, rinse fryer.
  • Drains – Wash drain cover and scrub with drain brush. Pour blend of water and sanitizer into drain and rinse.


  • Walls/doors – scrub off any built up grease with cloth and degreaser.

Spot Clean:

  • Gas pipes/water hose – brush pipes to remove any buildup and wipe with damp cloth.

Monthly Cleaning

  • Wash, sanitize, and empty the following:
  • Behind equipment – Sweep, mop, dust, and wipe behind appliances typically up against walls.
  • Walls – Using a blend of water and cleaner, scrub walls and dry with cloth.
  • Grease – Scrape off any grease build up and treat area with degreaser. Rinse with water.
  • Ceilings – Remove tiles and vacuum dust from grid. Wash tiles with mix of soap and water, if necessary use degreaser.
  • Fridge and freezer – Empty contents of fridge and freezer and wipe down interior and exterior using a sanitizer. Vacuum condenser and coils.
  • Floors – Sweep, mop, and polish with commercial floor scrubber.
  • Ice machine – Follow cleaning instructions in user guide. Wipe exterior, clean filter and condenser.
  • Pest and rodents – Inspect your kitchen for droppings. If found, clean area and contact pest control service immediately.

If you follow the above kitchen cleaning checklist you should have no issue passing your next inspection with flying colours. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, call the experts Star Team Cleaning to make your kitchen spotless.

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