How Much Does Restaurant Cleaning Cost?

As a restaurant owner, you should understand the impact a clean ambiance can have on your customers. Most diners might not always notice how clean the place is when they enter to eat. However, they will appreciate the warm and inviting ambiance. An average diner might notice the dust or dirt present on the floor, dining area and their table. A thorough cleaning of your restaurant is not only vital for its reputation; it also ensures food safety in many ways. Since restaurants manage many different types of food, the possibility of cross-contamination can increase when spaces aren’t cleaned properly. An unclean kitchen can cost a restaurant its reputation and even bring in bad reviews and fewer customers.

How Much Does Restaurant Cleaning Cost?

What are Restaurant Cleaning Services?

Restaurant cleaning services perform a very important job – they keep restaurants, both the dining room and kitchen areas – clean and sanitary. Many restaurants decide to outsource Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services for all or part of their cleaning depending on the restaurant size and staffing levels. The type of cleaning services that you can avail from outsource cleaning companies can include:

Outdoor Spaces: You can create a positive first impression on your customers before they even enter your restaurant, by taking care of the outdoor areas and places around the entrance. Cleaning trash and emptying dumpsters near outdoor area might be good place to start, and it’s a small and inexpensive effort.

Dining Area/Lobby: The place that your customers will see as they enter. A clean ambient dining room will provide them with a refreshing feeling and create a good first impression, convincing them to come back. Cleaning Dining area can include Mopping, dusting, sweeping, cleaning tables and other surfaces like ceilings, walls and washing windows

Bathrooms: This is important, as many restaurants neglect cleaning their bathrooms quite often. Dirty and disordered toilets might affect your restaurant’s image more than you can imagine but keeping it clean can have a greater opposite positive effect.  Cleaning Bathrooms or Restrooms can entail cleaning and sanitizing surfaces like counter-tops and toilets, mopping floors and replacing sanitary products like handwash, soaps and toilet papers.

Kitchen: Kitchen is the most important part of any restaurant and keeping it clean is extremely essential as it ensures food safety, customer satisfaction and health. You can hire Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services to clean and sanitize countertops and stainless-steel surfaces, washing walls and floors, scrubbing ovens, broilers, and stoves, cleaning and degreasing exhaust fans, filters and ducts. Café Cleaning can have a great impact on the reputation.

Cost of Restaurant Cleaning

Having professional cleaning services taking care of your restaurant might be priceless, it will cost you. Different companies can use different criteria to determine the estimated cost of cleaning services. It can depend on multiple factors like:

Restaurant Size: First factor taken into consideration by cleaning services is the square footage of the restaurant. It is understandable that larger restaurants will have more space, tables and washrooms to clean which will increase the number of crew members required for cleaning.

Floor Type: Carpeted, Hardwood and tile floors have different cleaning requirements. Carpets need to be vacuumed and steam cleaned frequently while hardwood and tile floors only need mopping and sweeping.

Number of Washrooms: Washrooms also must be cleaned often. Toilets must be scrubbed, mirrors must be washed, and surfaces must be wiped clean and sanitized. Like kitchens, they are areas that require more attention as some customers tend to notice these things.

Choosing A Restaurant Cleaning Service

There are a few things you should consider before choosing a cleaning service for your restaurant. These factors can help you save money and sometimes even prevent you from choosing the wrong people for cleaning.

  • Meeting the people from the cleaning company is a good idea. Make sure you ask them lots of question about their services like their rates, packages, experience, timings and training regimen. These companies are run by professionals, and they will answer any questions that you have.
  • Make sure the company you are going for specifically specializes in restaurant cleaning. If they are a generic cleaning company with general experience with office cleaning, they might not understand the needs of restaurant cleaning.
  • Like availing any other service, you should do a background check. Ask for reference and previous customers if they are satisfied with the cleaning services. Looking for online reviews is also a good plan.
  • You should be aware of companies that offer restaurant cleaning packages, as it isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. You could end up paying for services you don’t want or need.

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