Deep Clean Your Office With These Tips

A clean office is not only important for productivity, but ensuring the health and well-being of employees too. Depending on the size of your office, you should consider a thorough cleaning a few times each year. But there are a number of things that can be done on a more regular basis to keep your office looking great all the time.

The professionals at Star Team Cleaning know exactly how to make office spaces sparkling clean. The following guide outlines what you can expect when you call us for commercial cleaning services.

Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

Clear Your Desk

Before you can implement a thorough cleaning, it’s important to make sure everyone clears off their desks as best they can. This is a good opportunity to remove any junk that has built up and take away the clutter.

Move the Furniture

Be sure to clear all furniture and clean underneath as dust and debris tend to really gather here. You may even notice a different color of flooring if the furniture has been sitting for any length of time.

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Dust and Disinfect

Once the dust has settled after you’ve moved the furniture, it’s time to wipe and disinfect with either a solution made of vinegar and water or a streak-free cleaner. Be sure to get light fixtures, railings, shelving, and cabinets, along with desks, phones, and keyboards.

Clean the Floor

If you are cleaning a carpet, start with a vacuum before using a carpet cleaner to really get the dirt that has set in. When tackling wood or laminate floors, again start with a vacuum but finish by mopping with a disinfectant. 


Pay Attention to High Touch Point Areas

There are many specific high-contact areas that have far more bacteria than other areas of the office. When conducting a deep clean, make sure to use a disinfecting wipe or spray to clean the light switches, door handles, keyboards, phones, faucets, sinks, countertops, and desks.

Focus on Kitchens and Bathrooms

Office kitchens and bathrooms need to be cleaned consistently, but even more thoroughly when conducting a deep clean. Clear any blocked pipes and scrub all sinks and toilets. Be sure to wipe down all appliances inside and out and really disinfect the handles, as these are more high-contact areas.

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Clean Vents and Walls

When it comes to commercial cleaning, it’s important to inspect the walls and look for mold and signs of dampness. Remove the vent covers and be sure to clear the dust traps.

Polish Windows

Windows can collect fingerprints and smudges rather easily. Always be sure to use a cleaning solution when polishing windows to ensure a streak-free shine.

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A well-organized and clutter-free office is the best way to promote productivity in the workplace. It also promotes better health and well-being among the staff so keep these tips handy when you’re ready to deep clean your office. The professionals at Star Team Cleaning have kept office spaces in Toronto clean for years so call them today for more information on their commercial cleaning services.

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