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Commercial Cleaning Services Vaughan

We are a locally owned commercial cleaning services company based in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Star Team Cleaning provides excellent cleaning services for your commercial spaces in Vaughan, concord and Woodbridge. We want your establishment to reflect excellence, that starts with clean spaces!

From a small office to a multi-story office building, It doesn’t matter how big your commercial space is, from top to bottom, left to right, it will be spotless. Our team will provide you with the best cleaners in the business. We have a crew for every kind of job. Our team offers daily, monthly, and full time cleaning services to service your space better.

Star Team Cleaning provides Best commercial cleaning services solutions that make your commercial space look brand new again! We have a lot of solutions to choose from, so take your pick. We keep track of past cleanings, once we know when we cleaned last, we can achieve that same high standard of clean.

Commercial Cleaning Services provider That You Can Trust in Vaughan

Star Team Cleaning makes safety, technique and more is a top priority for our team. We train our cleaners to be the best industry and clean the right way. We go above standard and in detail, we know the best ways to clean deeply without any damage. We use experienced mentors to help our newer employees learn the best practices by getting hands-on with them. Additionally, if we notice a hazard in your building (like a broken door frame), we will notify you as soon as possible, saving you from finding out in the future.

Moreover, we are an environmentally conscious company. We strive to minimize waste production while on job sites. We use as many environmentally friendly products and equipment as possible while still providing a complete clean at a good price.

With that, we have the best cleaning technology you can ask for. We make sure the technology we use is safe to use, but also efficient. Our cleaners know when and how to properly use each piece of equipment we have. We do our best to get the best cleaning materials and chemicals that will suit your space best, it means we can get the job done without any hassle. Our mentors teach our cleaners to use the technology to make sure every corner and area of your commercial space is clean.

Our staff will clean all spots, even the hard to reach ones to get it done for you. In the end, everything will be clean, and you will be more than happy with the job we have provided for you.

Sanitation is More Important Than Ever

As we know, COVID 19 has affected us in our time of need in terms of health and safety. To do our best to help with this situation, we have made changes to our cleaning methods.  We trained our staff to make sure that they protect themselves, but also protect other people. We have installed many cleaning protocols to make sure everything is safe. 

Here are a few of our protocols:

  • Wear Gloves and Masks While Cleaning
  • Washing Hands Before and After Cleaning
  • Use clean, colour-coded microfiber cloths and mop heads to avoid cross-contamination
  • Many more

Make sure you do part too.  Make sure to wash your hands and put soap on for 20 secs. Don’t touch your nose, mouth without washing your hands. Try to keep a 6 feet distance from people. When coughing, try to cough on your arm or use a tissue.

We want to make sure everyone in the Vaughan area is safe in their homes and commercial space. Be Safe More on COVID 19

Effective Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services in Vaughan

Here at Star Team Cleaning, we provide organizations and businesses in Vaughan with professional janitorial services. Our company has all-in-one commercial cleaning janitorial services. This includes waxing, floor stripping and more

We provide services for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning. Our trained team has the best janitorial services in the business. We offer different times for your cleaning, so you can schedule the best times for us to clean, so it won’t interfere with your day. 

These days, businesses are hiring cleaning services as we provide a cleaner environment for your employees. From the washroom to the lobby, everything will be clean and spotless. With cleanliness in your office increasing, this provides a better work environment for you, where your employees can be more productive, a clean environment is also better for  your customers.

We provide our janitorial services to any spot in the commercial space

This includes:

  • Complete floor cleaning: sweeping, mopping and vacuuming
  • Kitchen, washroom
  • Walls and windows
  • Carpet cleaning
  • and more 

Here at Star Team Cleaning, we provide a unique way of doing our janitorial services

  • State-of-the-Art Cleaning Products and Equipment
  • All our crew members trained & Background Checked
  • Log-book for daily communications between you and your cleaning team
  • And more

Commercial Cleaning Services in Vaughan for Bigger Facilities

Other than commercial space, we also clean bigger facilities. This includes warehouses and factories. For these types, we provide industrial cleaning. Industrial cleaning is only done in industrial, manufacturing and warehouse facilities. In addition, we offer janitorial services for your large facility. We keep track of all our cleaning dates, so we know when we cleaned last because we want to do better than before to keep up with the standards that we set.

When we clean your facility, we make sure it is safe and a clean place for you and your employees.  In facilities, there can be chemicals or harmful materials that can cause safety issues. Our cleaners know all the hazards and know how to work with them.

This ensures no one gets hurt or permanently damaged from work. 

Services we provide for Industrial Cleaning:

  • Hard floor care
  • Removal of Grease, dust etc
  • Annual, Monthly, Seasonal Cleaning
  • and more

General safety is our number one concern.  Star cleaners can ensure your commercial space in Vaughan is safe for employees and customers.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Vaughan With an Environmentally Friendly Products

In Vaughan and all over the GTA, we make sure to use “Green” products because we care about the Earth and we want to do our part to make sure we are living in a sustainable environment.  In addition, our team wants to protect your health. Over the years, we try to make sure we get the right products that are effective for cleaning and eco friendly to use.  There are a lot of products that have strong toxic substances, but we try not to use those.  We try not to use products that are for the most part do not contain crazy amounts of toxic ingredients .

The Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Products: 

  • Less Global Warming
  • Not Much Exposure to Toxic Air
  • Improves Health
  • Saves Energy
  • Saves Material
  • Reduce Cost

With us using Eco-Friendly Products, it will increase a more green initiative for the people in Vaughan and the GTA. It will also make your commercial space a healthier environment to work in.

Helping Out

A building or commercial space or facility that is clean and smells nice can improve the value of your company.  A clean and nice smelling environment presents a good vibe to customers and employees upon entering.  We want to make sure that you get more customers and people to enter your commercial space. Studies show with a clean space, there is an increase in productivity, in other words, morale goes up. Most importantly,company profit sees a spike after a commercial cleaning. 

It’s not just employees that make the company, it’s a clean environment that helps make the company.

The Relaxation That You Deserve

When you are stressed about work and have no time to clean up,  Star Team Cleaning will do the job for you. While you do your work, we will do our work; or if you prefer, we can clean while you aren’t there so not to disturb you. We want all the success for you.  Relax at home and not worry about a thing, while we go to your commercial space and make sure it is as clean as possible.

We have specialized cleaning crews that do the job as fast as possible, but also efficient. This means outside and inside the property like the lawn and restrooms. Our company has a specialist for each aspect of the property.  Call us today to get it done.

Experienced Team of Cleaners

Some companies let newly hired employees into the field immediately with little to no training. This could mean potential dissatisfaction with the provided service. With us, when Star Team hires inexperienced cleaners, we make sure when partnered with an experienced cleaner, so they can understand what to do and learn as they go along. Our mentors are experts in commercial cleaning in the Vaughan area.  

We have a lot of experienced cleaners, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning taking longer than usual. Also, this means there will be better cleaning and it can take less time than you expected. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on being careful with your company belongings and will not damage anything.

Additionally, we make sure that we treat our cleaners with respect, so they enjoy themselves, work with us for longer, and have fun while doing the work. Everyone wants a person who works hard, but also who treats people with respect.

We have the best-experienced cleaners that anyone can ask for in Vaughan and around the GTA

Cleaning Anytime You Need Us in Vaughan

Here at Star Cleaning, we pride ourselves on strong customer relationships.  When you call us, we are always more than happy to help with your daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning.  Star cleaners want to be the first people you call when your space needs a quick touch up.  Vaughan has so many fantastic commercial spaces, let Star cleaning make yours stand out!  Our flexible hours are designed to suit your needs.  Give us a call to find out more!


When we clean any space, we are aware that people are allergic products that have specific chemicals. We try to make sure that we use products that have less harmful effects.


Our staff trains our cleaners to make sure that they follow the product’s warranty requirements, so you use the products the right and best way. Our technicians clean the dirty spots, ground-in soil and problem stains in areas that have heavy traffic.  After cleaning, your employees and customers can walk around without any trouble, or having to look at a messy space.

Keeping Your Floors Clean

We also do carpet cleaning, floor waxing and maintenance. We want your floors or carpet to be as clean as possible, so no dust keeps on piling up. Keeping your floors or carpet unmaintained can be a hazard for customers and employees walking on the floors or carpet. It can cause physical harm. Our cleaners used advanced products and technology to get the best results. Disinfecting is important too. We make sure that all of our cleaners disinfect as they clean.  A bonus is that some of our products that we tend to use on the carpet and floor, we are able to use in an eco-friendly way.


  • Jasmine Singh
    • The Star Team Cleaning Team has been a pleasure to work with thus far. They are doing a thorough job at our facility. We truly appreciate the time and effort they put into each cleaning. The team is also very professional and friendly to communicate with – we always feel like we are in good hands! Thank you for your services.
  • Suzanne Smith
    • Star Team Cleaning teams clean our offices for over 5.5 years now and we are more than happy with their service. Very reliable, easy to deal with and professional staff. Never had a complaint from our staff, they always do a great job. I highly recommend them for any commercial cleaning job.
  • John Rose
    • Finally, we got the pros. I found the cleaning team at Star Team Cleaning to be excellent at their job and they are very knowledge & professionals with the uniforms. Every time we come to our offices it’s presentable for our employees as well as our customers. They are also very detail oriented. Our washrooms are very clean and our offices dust free😊. Star Team Cleaning management is also very proactive to solve any issues in a timely manner. I have been with them for a couple of years now, before I found Star Team Cleaning I had to deal with 4 different cleaning companies that have no standard at all. I strongly recommend the Star Team Cleaning to any commercial settings

Places That Use Our Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Restaurants
  • Fitness Centers and Gyms
  • Factories
  • Facilities
  • Schools
  • Daycare Centers
  • Business Offices
  • Medical Offices
  • Post Construction Sites
  • Residential Buildings
  • Restrooms

Why Choose Us as a Cleaning Company in Vaughan?

  • Dedicated for cleaning and making sure everything is spotless
  • Motivated employees
  • A leader in the Cleaning Industry in Vaughan 
  • Over the top cleaning technology and equipment
  • Certified Cleaners

Get Your Commercial Cleaning Done Right

if you are looking reliable and Best commercial cleaning services provider for your space, we will be there to get the job done. When it is finished, it will look like it was just built.  We will make everything inside and outside the space as clean as possible.  Our expert cleaners are going to make your place shiny and tidy, so your business is filled with positive vibes for employees and customers. For more information on commercial cleaning in Vaughan, just contact us today by phone or fill out our form and we will get back to you.

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