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Do Need a Best commercial cleaning services provider that can handle your cleaning needs for your commercial buildings? Go with Star Team Cleaning to have best commercial cleaning services in Etobicoke. We do everything from offices to daycare centers. A clean space says a lot about your business. When entering a building this is the first impression your customers will have on your business. A clean building will show care and leave a positive impression. Especially during this trying time where cleanliness and sanitization of all objects is a must to keep people safe. Our workers will ensure you have a safe and cared for office and will pay attention to even the smallest messes. Following protocols on cleaning to minimize infection, we work to keep people safe.

What services do we provide?

Star Team Cleaning works with a number of businesses to provide the cleaning services they need in Etobicoke. We give it our all to ensure that everything meets our clients’ standards. This is why we offer a number of services that our clients can choose from. 

  • Sweeping, Mopping & Vacuuming 
  • Garbage removal 
  • Walls & Window cleaning 
  • Carpet Cleaning 
  • Waxing & Buffing
  • Power Washing 
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Commercial Cleaning Services, Janitorial Services in Etobicoke

Star Team Cleaning offers Commercial cleaning services to a variety of businesses in the Etobicoke area. Our services will provide a comprehensive cleaning of any building. We are known for our specialized floor cleaning services which include waxing, carpet cleaning, stain removal and tile cleaning. Our methods ensure that you have a clean floor with no dirt left behind. We can clean as often as needed whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly. We are more than willing to work on larger buildings and have cleaned for a number of industries before such as hospitals, restaurants and day care centers before. Our experience makes us a great choice to hire us for janitorial services in Etobicoke.

More on Etobicoke Office & Commercial Cleaning Services

Star Team Cleaning should be the company you call when you need quick services in Etobicoke. While this city is known for its landscape there are a number of buildings in the area as well such as the golf courses and conservatories in the area. We know how to clean these places without damaging the equipment and we pay close attention to detail. In Etobicoke you’ll find houses, offices, stores, schools, etc. We are more than capable of cleaning any buildings at affordable prices. Our cleaning packages are competitive and of higher quality than most other companies. It doesn’t matter if you need help in commercial or industrial areas in Etobicoke we are more than willing to answer. 

Etobicoke Commercial Cleaning services include:

  1. Advanced Disinfection Services – This service uses a sanitization system that offers a 360 spray on any surface for better cleaning. By ensuring that all surfaces are properly coated we get rid of the risk of human error in the work. We use a disinfectant that kills over 45 different viruses such as E-coli, Swine Ebola, etc. Plus this disinfectant is 100% biodegradable so it is environmentally safe as well. 
  2. Cleaning Services for Businesses and Offices – Our service is designed to fit your busy schedule. It doesn’t matter when you need us to clean your building we’ll be available. With over 20 years of experience in this industry, we know how to provide quality services. Our workers are more than happy to discuss any schedule changes and we can work on any areas. 
  3. Office Cleaning Service – With our office cleaning service we get to all the hard to reach places that other companies miss. It doesn’t matter the size of the building or the number of places we need to clean from the restrooms to the lobby. We do our work with a smile and finish on time so that you can get on with your day. This service is customizable to your office and its needs. 
  4. Janitorial Services – With janitorial services it doesn’t matter how often you need our help whether it’s daily bi-weekly monthly, etc. We’ll leave your building without a spec of dust. We make sure this is the case with random inspections of our workers to give a thorough check up on the building and the problematic areas that we need to clean. Our workers ensure that they arrive quickly for any call. 
  5. Industrial Cleaning Services – Our employees have cleaned factories, warehouses, and manufacturing companies before. We’re used to the work so there’s less worry about the safety of the workers as we’ve done this before. Our company also offers hard floor care and removes any grease or dirt without leaving stains. We offer a high standard of cleaning no matter the building. 
  6. Floor Waxing & Carpet Cleaning – We are highly requested for our floor services because we can get rid of any tough stains with any number of materials. This includes wood, carpet concrete, ceramic, glass, linoleum, etc. We use products that get rid of the dirt without harming your floors in the process. Our workers are certified to clean with advanced products that get the job done. 
  7. Fitness Center & Gym Cleaning Services – Many people use the gym for a workout and they can sweat because of it. Our cleaning service ensures that we don’t miss any of the equipment when we’re doing the work. This is tough for many cleaning companies so choose a business that’s familiar working with fitness centers and meeting their needs. We make sure to disinfect the locker rooms and showers properly. 
  8. School and Daycare Center Cleaning – Being responsible for a child’s safety is a heavy burden but with our cleaning services, you can rest assured that the faculty is properly cleaned and sanitized. We regularly clean the entryways, playground, library, gym, washroom, and cafeteria for student safety. Our workers are specifically trained to clean such areas with care to protect the children. 
  9. Medical Office Cleaning – We know you need different cleaning procedures when it comes to a hospital. It is the place with the highest danger to people if the area isn’t cleaned properly. Thankfully our company always uses hospital-grade disinfectants for the job. This ensures that the germs are properly taken care of so there is no risk of infection to the patients. 
  10. Post Construction Cleaning Service – If you just finished a construction project and you need a detailed cleaning go with us. We have the right tools to clean baseboards, window frames, and other hard to clean items. We can get rid of the scuff or paint on the walls as well as work on the interior items such as fridges, washing machines, and microwaves to have them look as good as new. 
  11. Restaurant Cleaning Services – When you’re running a restaurant you want to make sure the only thing your customers think about is the delicious food. They can only do that if your business is clean and well maintained. Choose to go with a company that offers power washing for the kitchen floors and can clean restaurants of any sizes without complaints. 
  12. Residential Building Cleaning – We provide quality cleaning services so that no matter the request we can meet your unique needs. We keep your building looking presentable for any interested buyers. Our company doesn’t just work on the hallways but the elevators, laundry rooms, and places where people are most likely to use. We ensure that we don’t grow lax with our cleaning. 
  13. Restroom Cleaning Service – We can clean this area more than once a day if requested. Our company knows exactly how to disinfect the area to avoid any problems. Plus we’ll use products to leave a pleasant scent behind to make it a more comfortable experience for the users. We’ll clean everything from the door handles to the sinks so that everything is properly sanitized to prevent germs. 

Why choose us?

Star Team Cleaning makes sure you get your money’s worth when you hire us. We go above and beyond what our customers need. Which is why no building is too big for us to handle 

  1. Adaptable – We have cleaned a number of buildings including but not limited to restaurants, malls, schools, hotels, salons, clinics, gyms, etc. We work with both small and large buildings and finish our work promptly. We don’t balk at a tough job, we get the job done. Plus we work with whatever schedule you set. Different industries need cleaning services at different times and can manage this. 
  2. Affordable – We have prices that beat out our other cleaning competitors starting at $175 per month. We’ll adjust the cost depending on the frequency of the cleanings. But you can expect our prices to be reasonable so that you pay only for the services your building actually needs. With our cleaning services, you’ll get your money worth and more. 
  3. Reliable – Our professional team has worked in hospitals where cleanliness is a must. So we’re used to going above required cleaning standards. During a time where cleanliness is an absolute necessity to keep people safe, you could use a company that works in industries strict about the sanitization of the area. We know what and how to clean your building to perfection. 
  4. Trustworthy – Our clients can rest assured knowing that we do a criminal background check on all of our workers before hiring. We care about building a relationship on trust with our clients which is why we always make sure to hire employees that are properly screened and trained to do the job. You’ll never find a problem with our employees because they are always prepared. 
  5. Quality – We offer quality service because we perform random inspections on the premises to determine the cleanliness of a building at any given time. This ensures that a fresh set of eyes survey the area and report back on the work done for your company. If we notice an issue we’ll fix it immediately so that you are satisfied with the work. Although this is rare from our workers. 
  6. Training – Our team is always striving to be the best at their work which is why we learn new cleaning techniques anytime they are available. This includes a comprehensive training program when our employees first start to continue lessons if a new method of cleaning or tool is added to our company. By keeping our workers updated like this we stay relevant in the industry. 
  7. Insured – Our employees are insured against any accidents that may occur in your building This helps our clients gain peace of mind when hiring our employees as sometimes unexpected things can occur. Although our workers are taught to proceed with every job with care and personal safety in mind if something does happen our clients won’t be liable for the injury. 
  8. Environmentally Friendly – Our company uses eco-friendly products to limit chemical waste from harming the environment. This includes an antimicrobial cleaning cloth that controls any infection and prevents cross-contamination. We also use a stronger Backpack vacuum with HEPA filter  that sucks in 99% dust and other allergens in the area. Our employees also use hospital-grade disinfectants on all surfaces for more safety. 
  9. More Locations – We don’t just have cleaners in Etobicoke but in a number of areas in Toronto for your convenience. We are familiar with many cities in Toronto and are more than willing to offer our services there as well. So if you have a chain business you don’t need to worry about hiring different cleaning services for each one. Go with our company because we can work anywhere. 
  10. Customer Satisfaction – We don’t just focus on an exemplary cleaning we also care about our clients and ensure we’re meeting their standards when we do our work. Our willingness to meet customer demands have made us a well rounded cleaning service in Toronto. Our attention to detail and willingness to correct any cleaning issue within 24 hours show our dedication to the job. 


Star Team Cleaning is the company you go to when you need a commercial cleaning services that’s quick and reliable. We come with a number of benefits and a thorough screening of our workers. Our cleaners are good at work and have a great relationship with our clients.  With so many reasons to choose our cleaning service why not give us a call today. We are more than happy to discuss cleaning services that would suit your company. We’re easy to work with because we always meet our clients’ needs. For Etobicoke, the cleaning service chooses Star Team Cleaning. 

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